Teen Mom Chelsea Houska ripped for ‘hideous’ style as fans bash her shirts for looking like they were ‘mauled by a goat’

TEEN Mom Chelsea Houska’s fans bashed her style after she modeled some fall outfits on social media.

Critics were not impressed by the reality star’s latest fashion show, claiming that her clothes are “just not flattering.”


Chelsea modeled several outfits from her clothing line on social mediaCredit: Instagram/Chelsea Houska
Fans slammed Chelsea calling her clothes "hideous" and "ugly"


Fans slammed Chelsea calling her clothes “hideous” and “ugly”Credit: Instagram/Chelsea Houska

Chelsea took to her Instagram Stories on Saturday to share some of her favorite autumn pairings.

She posed in a variety of cold weather looks from her clothing line by Lily and Lottie including oversized sweaters, sweat outfits and beanies.

However, some fans were not dazzled by the distressed sweaters and ripped jeans calling them “hideous” and “ugly.”

The photos circulated on Reddit where users didn’t hold back on their rather harsh comments.

One user wrote: “Looks like one of the farm animals got to it first”

While another agreed adding: “Was she mauled by some kind of wild animal?”

Other commenters continued to rip apart the design claiming it looks like “goats chewed the shoulders out” of the tops and that “mountain lions strike again.”


It’s no surprise that some people aren’t fans of Chelsea’s style as she was slammed last week for selling “ratty” sweatshirts with holes in the them in her clothing line.

She shared the look on her Instagram Stories sporting the all-black ensemble with a cutout over the shoulder.

She filmed the short clip while standing in front of the mirror.

The 30-year-old captioned the vid: “I mean, there’s some good stuff coming.”

Chelsea then shared another look at her wardrobe in the next Story, but this time around, she wore a black sweater with matching slacks. 

The ex MTV star wrote: “Okay. Last sneak peek.”

Fans jumped onto the comments section on Reddit because they were not pleased with the wardrobe that Chelsea showed off from her clothing line.

One person said: “The distressed sweatshirt/sweater/t-shirt look is so, like, 3 years ago when Kanye started doing.”

Another fan wrote: “I like Chelsea but is she serious??” while a third joked, “Ok homeless lady.”

A fourth critic mentioned: “Holes are cute for jeans but I have shirts/sweaters like this and they are either 15 years old or the washer ripped them.”

One commentator noted: “Why would I pay for clothing with holes when I can just dig deep enough into my closet and find my ratty college sweatshirt from 15+ years ago that also has holes?”


Last year, Chelsea was pregnant when fans again slammed her for promoting “cheap quality clothing.”

The former TV personality took to her Instagram Stories to show off various outfits from her collection on the Laurie Bellas line.

However, fans noticed something while Chelsea posed in the $42 leopard print sherpa jacket – there was a hole in the pricey jacket.

The original Reddit user wrote: “Another try on haul by Chelsea… more overly priced clothing made cheap.”

Others chimed in as well as one said: “Why is there a hole? It looks cozy to sit in at home if there were no holes in it.” 

Fans previously bashed Chelsea's outfits calling the "ratty"


Fans previously bashed Chelsea’s outfits calling the “ratty”Credit: Instagram
Critics also slammed the star for promoting "cheap quality clothing"


Critics also slammed the star for promoting “cheap quality clothing”Credit: Instagram @chelseahouska
Chelsea's clothing line is from Lily & Lottie including sweaters, sweatshirts, and ripped jeans


Chelsea’s clothing line is from Lily & Lottie including sweaters, sweatshirts, and ripped jeansCredit: Instagram
Teen Mom Chelsea Houska slammed for selling ‘ratty’ sweatshirts with holes in upcoming clothing line

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