Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd and her ex Cory Wharton pose with daughter Ryder, 4, in sweet photos on her first day of school

TEEN Mom star Cheyenne Floyd sent her daughter Ryder, 4, off on her first of school this week, and ex and baby daddy Cory Wharton joining for the milestone.

The exes posed for sweet photos with their daughter, who danced in excitement over her big day.


Cheyenne Floyd and ex Cory Wharton posed with their daughter Ryder, 4, before sending her off to schoolCredit: Cory Wharton/Instagram
She had her first day of pre-school earlier this week


She had her first day of pre-school earlier this weekCredit: Cory Wharton/Instagram

On the Instagram she made for her daughter, Cheyenne shared a cute snap of Ryder cheesing big for the camera, with her shiny purple and pink backpack on the ground next to her.

“Preschool here I come!,” the Teen Mom wrote in the caption.

For her first day, Ryder wore a cute pair of white overalls over a pale yellow T-shirt.

She had on white slip-on sneakers and an adorable clip in her hair.

In a video, the mother of two, who also shares baby Ace with fiance Zach Davis, asked, “Ryder, really?” as her daughter smiled and danced and wiggled around during the photo and video session.

Cory posted a sweet tribute to his 4-year-old on his own page, as well, sharing a few sweet photos of himself posing with Ryder solo, as well as alongside Cheyenne.

Ryder, with her backpack now on, gave a big wave to the camera, while her dad smiled and threw up a peace sign while kneeling down next to her.

In another photo, Cheyenne and Cory posed on either side of their daughter, with mom squeezing her tight and dad leaning in while keeping one hand on his little girl’s backpack.

Getting emotional over the milestone, he wrote in the caption: “I can’t believe the day has come  Ryder started her first day of school today 📚

“Most kids cry saying bye to their parents it was the other way around, Ryders super excited for school and that’s how I want her to be. 

“I’m so proud to be your father @thatsryderk I always tell everyone you changed my life around for the better and you don’t even know it Love you girl 💜💛!!!”

Despite sending Ryder off together to school, Cory previously admitted “it’s not always rainbows & butterflies” with his ex.

Reality TV star Cory also revealed that they had clashed over his decision to return to The Challenge season 37.

Speaking on Us Weekly‘s Watch With Us podcast, Cory said: “We do have our fights and we do get into it.”

He explained that they “always make sure that [their] focus is back on Ryder” when they get into disagreements.

Cory said: “I think this upcoming season, we start to see that it’s starting to affect Ryder a little bit, me being away.

“That’s why I have to kind of take a step back and realize, ‘OK, I’m not going to be able to get this time back in my child’s life.’

“It’s a hard decision. It’s like, do you take this work opportunity and this great chance that you have or do you be there for your family? It’s a tough decision for sure.”

Ryder smiled and danced around in excitement


Ryder smiled and danced around in excitementCredit: Ryder K/Instagram
Cheyenne also shares baby Ace with fiance Zach Davis


Cheyenne also shares baby Ace with fiance Zach Davis
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