Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd reveals MTV bosses are ‘annoyed’ as she refuses to ‘put on a show’ in romance scenes with Zach

TEEN Mom Cheyenne Floyd has revealed how MTV bosses are “annoyed” when she and fiance Zach Davis refuse to film loved-up scenes for the show.

The mom of two, 28, let slip the scandal in a Q and A session on her YouTube channel.


Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd has revealed MTV bosses get ‘annoyed’ when she doesn’t film romantic scenes with fiance Zach DavisCredit: Youtube
The mom of two confessed she did not want to 'put on a show' for the sake of TV


The mom of two confessed she did not want to ‘put on a show’ for the sake of TVCredit: Youtube


One fan asked Cheyenne, who was cradling newborn son Ace as she sat by her husband to be, the assumption: “You guys don’t want to share your love on TV.”

Zach quickly replied: “No it’s just awkward. When the cameras aren’t here that’s when we are really affectionate.

“So when they get here I’m not going to just be like …,” before wrapping his arm around the Teen Mom’s shoulders.

Cheyenne then chimed: “They [MTV show] kind of sometimes get annoyed with us because we are very affectionate when the cameras are cut off.

“We don’t want to put on a show for the camera but they are always like ‘that was the moment we needed!’.”

Zach, wearing a green shirt emblazoned with the logo ‘this is dad material’ added: “But that’s different. You can’t just sit me here and I can’t do the affectionate stuff I’d do when I’m walking behind her in the kitchen.

“We are just sitting here.

“If they [the cameras] were moving they would catch more.”


While Chey and Zach might find it difficult to show their love on camera, they don’t hold back in airing their fights on MTV.

A teaser clip for Teen Mom OG released this week shows Cheyenne when she was pregnant with Ace screaming she “did not feel supported” by her man.

The intense argument took place after the reality TV star had an ultrasound.

In a teaser clip for the upcoming season premiere of Teen Mom OG, Cheyenne headed into the appointment and promised to FaceTime Zach, her mom and other family members to hear their unborn son’s heartbeat.

Zach had to wait for Cheyenne in the car and missed out on the ultrasound due to Covid-19 guidelines.

The expectant father left the car the go to the bathroom, while a producer named JC was the only person present to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

When he returned back to the car, he learned that the producer heard the heartbeat without him.


Zach jokingly called Cheyenne out once she returned from the appointment as he asked with a smile: “Did you not take into consideration anything that we just talked about? How the hell did JC hear the heartbeat and I didn’t?”

When Cheyenne admitted she didn’t know how that happened, she added: “We were talking and she just did it really quickly. It wasn’t an ultrasound.”

Zach wasn’t happy with her explanation and the MTV star asked if he thought she wanted to go to the appointments by herself.

He responded: “It seems like it cause you didn’t want to FaceTime me.”

As Zach continued to complain he was left out on the big moment, the Teen Mom OG star cut him off and shouted: “I’m not gonna sit here and be screamed at about a heartbeat.”


Cheyenne angrily screamed “I don’t feel supported” multiple times as Zach attempted to speak over her.

Zach replied: “I’m not gonna sit here and have somebody screaming at me when I can’t f**king support you.”

The pair then shouted “shut up” at each other before Cheyenne demanded that Zach pull the car over.

After Zach called the situation “crazy,” Cheyenne rebutted: “No, what’s crazy is you.”

He then got out of the car as Cheyenne moved around to the driver’s seat and left him her fiancé on the sidewalk.


The Teen Mom announced she gave birth to her second baby on Instagram in late May, posting a series of photos in the hospital holding her new addition with his big sister, Ryder.

She revealed details about the birth in the first photo, writing: “05.27.2021. 7 lbs 2 oz. Welcome to the world Ace Terrel Davis.”

In the caption, she said: “Life is complete, all praises to the most high.”

While Ace is the first son for Cheyenne and Zach, the TV personality is also the mother to four-year-old daughter Ryder with ex Cory Wharton.

Zach, who is father to the reality TV star's second child, said to put on affection would be 'awkward'


Zach, who is father to the reality TV star’s second child, said to put on affection would be ‘awkward’Credit: Instagram/Remy Chantel
The engaged couple live as a happy family of four with their dog


The engaged couple live as a happy family of four with their dog
Yet Cheyenne is not shy of showing her fury in the new trailer for Teen Mom OG


Yet Cheyenne is not shy of showing her fury in the new trailer for Teen Mom OGCredit: Twitter / Teen Mom
Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd SCREAMS ‘I don’t feel supported’ in wild fight with fiancé Zach Davis after ultrasound

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