Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd shows off GIANT engagement ring after she refuses to be romantic with fiancé Zach Davis on show

TEEN Mom Cheyenne Floyd showed off her giant engagement ring after she had refused to be romantic with her fiancé Zach Davis on the MTV show.

Cheyenne, 28, flaunted her “baby” in a now-deleted Instagram story.



Cheyenne shared her engagement ring on social media

Cheynne said that her engagement ring 'got cleaned'


Cheynne said that her engagement ring ‘got cleaned’Credit: Instraram/teenmom

The Teen Mom OG star moved her fingers around to show how the flashy ring sparkled in the light.

She previously captioned the expired clip: “My baby got cleaned today,” with a heart-struck emoji.

The MTV star welcomed Ace back in May with her fiancé.

She is also the mother of Ryder, four, with ex Cory Wharton.


Recently, the Teen Mom star and Zach were asked by a fan: “You guys don’t want to share your love on TV?”

Zach replied: “No it’s just awkward. When the cameras aren’t here that’s when we are really affectionate.

He said: “So when they get here I’m not going to just be like…,” before wrapping his arm around Cheyenne’s shoulders.

She then chimed in: “They [MTV show] kind of sometimes get annoyed with us because we are very affectionate when the cameras are cut off.

“We don’t want to put on a show for the camera but they are always like ‘that was the moment we needed!'”

Zach added: “But that’s different. You can’t just sit me here and I can’t do the affectionate stuff I’d do when I’m walking behind her in the kitchen.

“We are just sitting here. If they [the cameras] were moving, they would catch more.”


Recently, the reality star opened up about the difficult times she had been having while breastfeeding her second child.

She shared a snap of herself wearing a white gown while breastfeeding Ace.

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, the TV personality wrote: “My current journey has been a lot harder, mentally & physically.

“The first few weeks were extremely tough. As he would latch, I would be dreading the pain that would follow. My nipples cracked, bled, peeled, & I swear they were mad at me.

“I was confused because they didn’t do this with my first experience breastfeeding & I was ashamed that it didn’t come as easy this time.

“Breastfeeding is not easy, mothers need support, and to know they aren’t alone.”

The MTV mom continued: “I am now exclusively breastfeeding Ace and we truly have our good days and bad days but overall I am committed to nursing as long as my body permits it.

“Not every breastfeeding journey looks the same. No path is better than the other. I believe every feed should be celebrated.”

Her post concluded that her “nipples were finally starting to heal and nursing wasn’t so tender.”

Cheyenne explained: “I wanted a picture to look back on and celebrate that I fought through the pain.”

Cheyenne and Zach are 'affectionate when the cameras are cut off'


Cheyenne and Zach are ‘affectionate when the cameras are cut off’Credit: Youtube

Cheyenne, Ryder, and Zach pictured together


Cheyenne, Ryder, and Zach pictured togetherCredit: Instagram/Cheyenne Floyd



Cheyenne said breastfeeding Ace was ‘extremely tough’Credit: Cheyenne Floyd/Instagram
Teen Mom Cheynne Floyd opens up on ‘rough few weeks’ but reveals having baby made her and fiance Zach ‘closer’

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