‘Teen Mom’ Family Member Reveals Engagement

Victoria Messer, sister of Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer, reportedly announced her engagement on Facebook recently. She is engaged to Royer Rodriguez, who will be her third husband. She was previously married to Brian Jones and Domenick Crapello.

Messer and Rodriguez met while she was on vacation in Costa Rica with Leah and fellow Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry, reports The Ashley’s Reality Round-up. Royer was their rafting guide, and Messer was pregnant by the end of the vacation. Their son Cai was born last year, as seen in an October 2020 episode of Teen Mom 2. Messer recently switched her relationship status to “engaged” on Facebook.

After the December 2019 Teen Mom 2 reunion aired, Messer was widely criticized on social media by those who thought she was irresponsible during the Costa Rica vacation. She quickly responded to critics by accusing MTV of leaving out important parts from the reunion in the version that aired. “First of all, the truth is Royer has fear of coming here because of all the racially motivated hatred in our country and the fact that racism is a problem here,” Messer wrote, reports The Ashley. “Hopefully one day our country can stand for ‘LOVE’ love for all.”

She told fans Rodriguez did not need to come to the U.S. immediately but still planned to be there when Cai was born. However, Rodriguez did not meet Cai until this month when Messer, Leah, and their mother Dawn Spears returned to Costa Rica. It is not known if they got engaged during this trip or earlier.

“The fact is Royer could choose to go anywhere once he has his passport, but he is CHOOSING to come here to become a family and is willing to go through this difficult process that we are trusting in,” Messer wrote in 2019. “I am sad that I feel as though I have to defend our situation, however, I want people to know the truth and not just what’s being portrayed.”

Messer’s first marriage was to Jones in April 2015, when she was 20. They welcomed daughter Cami in November 2016, and Jones was seen on Teen Mom 2. Jones and Messer broke up in spring 2017. She married Crapello in February 2018 and they are parents to daughter Cerenity. Messer was still legally married to Crapello when she met Royer in Costa Rica. She filed for divorce in May 2019.

Leah has been a part of Teen Mom 2 since the show debuted in 2011. She has also been married and divorced twice, first to Corey Simms and then to Jeremy Calvert. She shares daughters Aleeah and Aliannah with Simms and daughter Adalynn with Calvert. Messer is reportedly planning to launch a new health coaching company and wellness podcast soon.

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