Teen Mom fans think Jenelle Evans looks just like Counting On star Jessa Duggar in new Instagram photo

SOME Teen Mom fans are convinced a new photo makes Jenelle Evans look like the spitting image of Counting On star Jessa Duggar.

The debate ragged on Reddit, after one poster remarked: “Just noticed Jenelle and Blessa have the same 🌛 shape.”


Fans think Jenelle Evans and Jessa Duggar have similar facial features.Credit: Instagram (2)
Jenelle Evans waves to the camera.


Jenelle Evans waves to the camera.Credit: YouTube

The clap back was immediate, with opinions on both sides weighing in.

One redditer was quick to make and share the connection: “For those that don’t see it, it’s the chin.”

But others weren’t as convinced: “Jenelle always looks like a clown IMO.”

“I don’t really see it,” a third person chimed in. “Jessa’s chin is more pointy head on like Reese Witherspoon.

“Jenelle’s doesn’t really stand out head on, it’s just the side profile where you see it sticks out more.”

Eventually, the debate graduated beyond chins, and onto other prominent body features.

“jenelle has that grand canyon forehead tho,” one comment stated bluntly.

Still, some responders found other unique ways to link the two ladies: “They’re still both sh***y people.”


One area where the two reality stars certainly differ is how they present their bodies.

In a recent Instagram post, Jenelle ,29, showed off her curves in a pink and floral bikini, while holding a catfish she caught during a boat trip with her husband, David Eason, and the kids.

Before that, Jenell twerked in a TikTok clip as her youngest child tried to keep up with the choreography. 

Jenelle wore a colorful, striped bikini as Ensley donned an adorable swimsuit. 

The mother/daughter duo performed the Linda and Heather theme song “together and forever.”


Meanwhile, Jessa, 28, lives a far more conservative lifestyle, and has come under fire for some of her clothing choices, like when she recently showed off her long legs in a short jean skirt, breaking away from her family’s strict dress code.

The Counting On alum further shocked fans after she wore a pair of ripped jeans in a family photo.


The Duggar family has long observed a strict dress code that usually only permits women to dress modestly and to wear skirts or dresses.

One of these rules does not allow women to show their legs or dress in a revealing manner.

Jessa has been breaking away from her family's strict dress code.


Jessa has been breaking away from her family’s strict dress code.Credit: Social Media – Refer to source
The Duggar family has a strict dress code that only permits women to dress modestly.


The Duggar family has a strict dress code that only permits women to dress modestly.Credit: Instagram
Jenelle's dress code is far more relaxed.


Jenelle’s dress code is far more relaxed.Credit: Instagram/@j_evans1219

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