Teen Mom fans think Kayla Sessler got a nose job after she looks unrecognizable in new photos

NEW photos of Teen Mom star, Kayla Sessler have left fans speculating that the 22-year-old has undergone a cosmetic procedure.

The reality star recently took to social media to debut a series of new photos of herself with a dramatic new look.


Kayla in new picturesCredit: Instagram/Kayla Sessler

Pictures of Kayla on Instagram debuted her ‘new look’ with tanned skin and a lifted nose tip.

Kayla’s snaps led fans to speculate that she had gotten a nose job, with several people taking to the star’s dedicated Reddit page to discuss her new face.

One Redditor posted a side by side of Kayla in the new spin-off show, ‘Young & Pregnant’ and a snap from her Instagram, comparing the drastic difference.

The post divided fans, with fans commenting about her supposed rhinoplasty.

Nose job?

One follower wrote in support of Kayla: “Even if she did have a nose job I think it suits her. It’s not like she went and Heidi Montag’d herself, I think she looks great.”

Another wrote: “It’s sad cause I always thought she was pretty from the jump. These girls do too much. But to each their own I guess.”

“Definite nose job, it looks good but she also looks like someone else. Filter or am i right about the nose?”.

Other fans weren’t so convinced about the procedure, blaming the new look on filters, photoshop and makeup

“Hahaahahaaa SOOOO much makeup and editing in the second one 😂”


Another person claimed the star was black fishing, commenting ” Siri, change my race pls”.

The claim comes just days after fans saw a drastic change in her skin tone in new selfies.

The reality star posed with her hair slick back in a long twirled braid as she wore a black and white striped crop top and gave the camera a serious expression.

The TV personality captioned her shot: “5’5 and she too fine 🖤,” though fans were more concerned about the difference in color between her skin and her scalp.


Several rushed to Reddit to slam her for “blackfishing” and appearing “unrecognizable” in her recent photos.

“I wonder what her natural hair color is cuz she honestly looks better with dark hair. Idk about all the filters and vague blackfishing going on thoooo,” one explained.

“Lol that her own scalp is outing her blackfishing so hard. Got a damn no passing zone running down the middle of her head. She better watch out or somebody’s gonna try to snort that line 🤣,” a second joked.


The star also revealed she was pregnant with her third child in the Young & Pregnant trailer.

The baby news comes after the mom-to-be again recently claimed her baby daddy, Luke, cheated.

She shares her daughter Ariah with fiancé Luke Davis and has son Izaiah, three, with ex Stephan Alexander.

Kayla shocked audiences when she shared at the end of the Young & Pregnant trailer: “So I’m pregnant again.”

It’s not yet known who the father of the unborn child is.

Kayla looking different in new pictures


Kayla looking different in new picturesCredit: MTV
Kayla with her family


Kayla with her familyCredit: Facebook
Teen Mom Kayla Sessler, 22, reveals she’s PREGNANT with third child in Young and Pregnant trailer after claiming baby daddy Luke cheated


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