Teen Mom Jade Cline admits she feels like she ‘never does enough’ amid drama with baby daddy Sean and troubled mom

TEEN Mom star Jade Cline admitted that she felt like she “never does enough” amid her drama with her baby daddy Sean Austin and troubled mother, Christy Smith.

Jade, 24, held an Instagram Q&A session with her followers.  


Jade wrote that she was ‘constantly striving to learn’Credit: Instagram/Jade Cline
A fan described Jade as 'powerful'


A fan described Jade as ‘powerful’Credit: @jadecline_/Instagram

One of her followers told the reality star “how strong” she is. 

The Teen Mom fan had just “binge-watched the latest season.” 

The fan then told the TV star that she was “powerful.”

Jade thanked her follower and replied: “I always feel I’m never doing enough!

The Teen Mom 2  star added that she was “constantly striving to learn” and to “be better!”

Jade shares her three-year-old daughter Kloie with Sean.


During a previous episode, Jade and Sean were at odds as they attempted to discipline Kloie, who was acting up.

Sean yelled at Jade to stop “cutting him off,” but she was begging him to stop yelling at Kloie.

He responded: “Well, you be the f**king parent. You f**king discipline then cause I’m not doing it anymore.

“I’m not gonna f**king sit there and discipline her and have you cut me off when I’m f**king doing it.”


In another episode, Jade dealt with long hours of suffering after her Brazilian butt surgery.

Jade was wheeled out of the hospital while she wore gray sweatpants and had on a shirt that hid the compression bodysuit, which was required after the procedure.

She also had a bandage around her head, where the doctors had extracted fat from her neck.

Jade said during the episode: “The pain in my a** and legs and back is f**king excruciating. I can’t even sleep. I can’t get comfortable. It’s even worse than I thought.”

Her suffering continued when her mom, Christy, and her stepfather had gone missing for three hours while picking up her pain medication.


During the second part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, Christy broke down in tears while apologizing for not being around after her Brazilian butt lift procedure.

As Jade refused to appear onstage, Christy broke down in tears while speaking with Dr. Drew alone.

Because she had only seen Jade and her three-year-old granddaughter Kloie once since the surgery, Christy said she felt bad that Jade was “hurt.”

She told Dr. Drew: “I hate that she thinks that I would not want to help her or that I would disappear and not go get her pain medicine.”

Christy claimed to have visited about 12 pharmacies to find Jade’s medication but all of them were out.

While watching Christy’s interview backstage, Jade said the story was “bulls**t.”

When asked if she could apologize to the MTV star, Christy said she’s “sorry that she’s hurt and that she had to go through any of that torment.”

Jade’s mom added: “I don’t understand why anybody would think that I would leave her there to be in that kind of pain.”

Jade and Sean argued over how to discipline Kloie


Jade and Sean argued over how to discipline KloieCredit: MTV
Jade pictured playing with Koie


Jade pictured playing with KoieCredit: MTV
Christy does not want Jade to think that she 'would not want to help her'


Christy does not want Jade to think that she ‘would not want to help her’Credit: Instagram / Teen Mom
Teen Mom Jade Cline’s mom Christy gives star ‘bulls–t apology’ for abandoning her after plastic surgery

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