Teen Mom Jade Cline ditches trademark heavy makeup and sexy outfits for natural look in rare unedited video

JADE Cline ditched her usual heavy makeup and revealing outfits for a more natural look in her latest TikTok video.

The Teen Mom 2 star, 24, looked barefaced and casual in a montage of sweet moments she shared with her three-year-old daughter Kloie.

Jade Cline went for a natural, makeup free look in her latest TikTok clip with daughter KloieCredit: TikTok/Jade Cline

She ditched her typical heavy makeup and revealing outfits


She ditched her typical heavy makeup and revealing outfitsCredit: Instagram/@jadecline_

Jade was seen wearing glasses and no makeup while pulling faces at the camera with Kloie in one video.

In another, the MTV star again wore glasses and had her hair tied up in a tousled topknot, as opposed to her usual glamorous, glossy waves.

Instead of the plunging crop tops and skirts she favors on social media, Jade wore a black high-neck top and a simple grey cardigan.

Elsewhere in the clip, she captured Kloie going on boat trips, eating noodles and enjoying days at the pool with her father, Jade’s ex Sean Austin.


The Teen Mom star captioned the video: “I always needed you. promise you I’ll be the mother I always needed.

“#bffforlife #fy #motherhood #MyTeacherWins #NeverStopExploring.”

Jade has undergone quite the transformation since she had a plastic surgery makeover earlier this year.

She had a Brazilian buff lift and got liposuction on her neck while in Miami.

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Fans got to see the immediate aftermath during an episode of Teen Mom 2, as she was wheeled out of the hospital while wearing a compression bodysuit, which was required after the procedure.

She also had a bandage around her head, where the doctors had extracted fat from her neck.

Jade said during the episode: “The pain in my a** and legs and back is f**king excruciating. I can’t even sleep. I can’t get comfortable. It’s even worse than I thought.”

She previously told a fan of the process: “I don’t know, it definitely was a rough process and I’m not sure if I would want to go through something like that again…”


Jade’s pain wasn’t put at ease immediately as her mom, Christy, and stepfather had gone missing for three hours while picking up her pain medication.

“I remember just laying there falling apart crying, and I watched the sun go down… and I was like she’s never coming back,” Jade recalled to Dr. Drew during the show’s reunion episode.

She added: “I thought my mom was just going to let me lay there and lie and nobody was going to know… It was definitely scary.”

Christy responded: “She’s believing a bunch of f***ing lies… I’m sick of being portrayed like I’m some f***ing dope fiend…”

Jade’s co-star and friend Briana DeJesus – who has also undergone plastic surgery – eventually stepped in and offered to take care of Jade as her family flew home with Kloie.

Jade wore glasses and swept her hair up into a topknot


Jade wore glasses and swept her hair up into a topknotCredit: TikTok/Jade Cline

The Teen Mom star has recently undergone a plastic surgery makeover


The Teen Mom star has recently undergone a plastic surgery makeoverCredit: Instagram @jadecline_

She got a Brazilian butt lift and liposuction on her neck


She got a Brazilian butt lift and liposuction on her neckCredit: MTV
Teen Mom Jade Cline shares ‘full body pics’ after getting liposuction on her neck and Brazilian butt lift


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