Teen Mom Jade Cline looks unrecognizable in new video as fans suspect she ‘got lip fillers’

TEEN Mom 2 star Jade Cline has been dubbed ‘unrecognizable’ by her fans who speculated that she’s had ‘filler done’.

Fans pulled Jade apart in a forum on Reddit after a user uploaded a print screen of the star from her official Instagram Story.


Jade Cline has been accused of undergoing lip fillerCredit: Instagram @jadecline_
Fans said the star looks 'unrecognizable'


Fans said the star looks ‘unrecognizable’Credit: Instagram @jadecline_

In the screengrab, Jade can be seen posing for a selfie with a filter over the photo.

Her lips looked noticeably bigger as she opted for a pink glossy pout.

Wearing a black halter neck top with an orange butterfly on it, the star looked directly into the camera lens as she posed.

Jade wore her long blonde locks down and left her hair to tousle over her chest.

The user who created the mean thread to troll the star wrote: “Looks like she can’t close her mouth anymore 😂 she really does look so much better without all the filters and makeup.”

Over 50 people rushed to comment on the thread many leaving rude remarks about the star’s appearance.

One commented: “Totally not trying to be negative when I say this bc I think she is a beautiful girl, but when I saw this pic come up in my feed I tho someone had posted a blow-up doll. It’s pretty apparent she uses filters but I think she looks so much prettier naturally w/out them. Whatever makes u happy 👀🤷🏻‍♀️😂”

Another said: “Jade is a whole different person in every picture.”

“Is that jade? Jesus.” Said one.

Jade is not shy when it comes to talking about her changing appearance as back in May she documented her plastic surgery on the new series of Teen Mom 2.

The reality TV star could be seen sobbing in pain in the back of a minivan as she recovered from a Brazilian butt lift and liposuction.

Groaning Jade was seen in the footage crying in the back of the minivan as she’s driven home following her ops.

The star laid flat on her front, with only a mattress keeping her comfortable.

Jade told Pop Culture that she pushed herself a little too hard in her recovery as she looked after three-year-old Kloie at home.

“It was a hard experience, it was a hard journey,” she explained, adding that she was “so vulnerable” at “the worst points” of the surgery journey.

Jade was recently accused of using photoshop and “looking so different” after posting a glam selfie on social media.

Trolls created a thread on Reddit to discuss the young woman's looks


Trolls created a thread on Reddit to discuss the young woman’s looksCredit: Instagram @jadecline_
The star underwent plastic surgery earlier this year


The star underwent plastic surgery earlier this yearCredit: MTV


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