Teen Mom Jenelle Evans claps back at trolls accusing her of ‘threatening’ random people online

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans has hit out at trolls suggesting she sent “threatening” messages to fans telling them “they would pay” for criticising her dog.

The 16 And Pregnant alum, 29, took to her Instagram Stories for a furious video a day after she revealed her dog Rosey had become pregnant.


Teen Mom Jenelle Evans took to her Instagram for a furious video after trolls accused her of ‘threatening’ behaviourCredit: Instagram
The mom of three denied she had messaged Reddit users who had slammed her dog's pregnancy and insisted she had not said she would 'make them pay'


The mom of three denied she had messaged Reddit users who had slammed her dog’s pregnancy and insisted she had not said she would ‘make them pay’Credit: Instagram


The puppy news came after Jenelle’s husband David Eason previously slaughtered one of the family dogs Nugget – meaning fans were not convinced about the new arrival and its future happiness.

This led Jenelle to take to her Instagram Stories, wearing a baby pink jumper and thick black mascara, as she ranted: “Rumor alert. So you guys are tagging me in some people’s post, a Teen Mom chatter account, and they are claiming on reddit that I’m randomly messaging fans back because they made a bad comment about my dog.”

Rolling her eyes and shaking her head she continued: “Erm nope, I would never just randomly message somebody I don’t know and threaten them, saying that they will pay because they made a comment about my dog.

“Come on – are we in f**king High School right now?

“I don’t know, I don’t know if this is a true story or not but it’s not about me.”

I would never just randomly message somebody I don’t know and threaten them, saying that they will pay because they made a comment about my dog.”

Jenelle EvansInstagram

Users on Reddit were quick to comment, with one writing: “She’s so pathetically transparent, the stupidity is big with this one.”

One confused user then flagged the apparent contradiction in her words as they posted: “She doesn’t know if its a true story or not? After she made a video specifically to say it was not a true story?”

Another commented: “Jenelle actually wouldn’t be upset if people were talking s**t about her dog because if they were, she’d just have David shoot that one too.”

One then wrote: “Yea.. I made a comment about her dog. Then she messaged me and said I couldn’t read good.”


Recently Jenelle took to her TikTok page to announce the family’s impending puppy.

She smiled at the camera before sarcastically commenting: “Rosey’s pregnant. Oh how did that I happen? I have no idea.”

The ex TV star went on to explain: “It’s Junior’s babies,” referencing their pair’s other farm dog.

A slew of questions poured in from fans demanding answers to the surprising reveal.

“Y’all listen. I ain’t mean for Rosey to get pregnant, okay,” she said.

The Teen Mom 2 alum explained that the couple attempted to separate the dogs and kept a watchful eye on them, admitting that they were not successful in keeping them apart.

“We’ll be having little Goldendoodles,” she concluded.


Jenelle and David brought Rosey home just months after the shooting incident with their dog, Nugget.

After speculations that the pair had bought a new dog when the two were spotted buying a new dog bed, Jenelle took to Twitter to confirm the news.

Along with a picture of her kids hugging a dog, she wrote: “NEW BLOG: Meet Rosey.

“Since everyone’s asking… here’s our ‘new’ pet.”


Although she made the announcement in excitement, her post garnered the opposite.

A lot of fans slammed her for even getting a new dog and claimed that they shouldn’t be allowed to own any more pets.

One of her followers wrote: “You have sentence[d] another poor creature to death … When is it going to stop?”

Another followed with harsher words and tweeted: “Great, another dog for David to murder.”

And another even tagged The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and wrote: “Hope this one doesn’t get dragged out of the woods and a bullet through it’s head.

“Some people should not be owning dogs or any other type of pets. #DogKillers”

Others simply tried to give the mother of three some advice on how to keep her “new” dog alive.

One person wrote: “Keep her away from David is all I will say. Also please teach your kids not to grab or hold a dog by the neck.

“This can upset the dog and cause them to NIP. We sure do not want Rosey to end up like Nugget.”


Back in May, Jenelle opened up about the incident while being interviewed by Candace Owens.

After Candace asked Jenelle about the incident, the former MTV star recalled: “So basically, it was me, my daughter and my other two kids and David and we were all sitting in the living room and you know, my daughter and the dog were having like a cute little moment.

“So David started filming from far away and then all of a sudden she went to go give the dog a hug and the dog like bit her on the face, almost in the eye.”

Jenelle continued: “Then, after that happened, you know, the way David was raised, he took the dog outside and took care of it himself.

“My kids were inside the house at the time…[They] did not see anything, did not hear anything. 

“David didn’t announce what he was doing or anything.”


Candace then asked Jenelle what she meant by saying David was “raised” that way, with the mother of three explaining: “He’s very country.

“I was raised in Pennsylvania, and then he was born and raised in the South.

“So like if a dog was aggressive, they would put it down themselves. 

“And David said, you know, if I took the dog to the humane society, they probably would’ve done the same thing because of the aggression.”

Later in the conversation, Jenelle revealed that David has thought a lot about the incident and has “apologized so much.”

Jenelle and David share 4-year-old daughter Ensley together, while she is also the mother to 11-year-old son Jace and 6-year-old son Kaiser.

Jenelle revealed on TikTok the family dog Rosey is pregnant


Jenelle revealed on TikTok the family dog Rosey is pregnantCredit: Instagram
The 16 And Pregnant alum's husband David Eason previously killed the family's pet dog Nugget


The 16 And Pregnant alum’s husband David Eason previously killed the family’s pet dog NuggetCredit: Refer to Caption
Jenelle previously said David had 'apologized so much' after the harrowing incident


Jenelle previously said David had ‘apologized so much’ after the harrowing incidentCredit: Getty
Teen Mom Jenelle Evans reveals her dog Rosie is pregnant on TikTok

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