Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason slammed as ‘ignorant’ for insisting Spain is NOT in Europe

TEEN Mom fans slammed Jenelle Evan’s husband, David Eason, as “ignorant” after he insisted that Spain isn’t a European country.

The ex reality star tried to teach his followers about geography and cooking, but it majorly backfired.


Former Teen Mom star David Eason showed off the paella, a Spanish dish, he made on TikTokCredit: CAMEO
Jenelle Evans' husband was slammed for insisting Spain isn't in Europe


Jenelle Evans’ husband was slammed for insisting Spain isn’t in EuropeCredit: Jenelle Evans/TikTok

David shared a TikTok video of himself making paella, showing off his fresh ingredients and all the steps to the final product.

He captioned it: “Perfect Pork Paella on the grill. @jenellelevans grilled the meat so perfectly delicious! Trust me it’s worth the effort!”

One fan shot down the dish that David made, saying: “I’m European and that’s not paella…but ok…everyone cook what they want.”


The 33-year-old fired back: “Pallea is not a European dish so of course you wouldn’t know.”

The original commenter corrected the ex Teen Mom 2 star and replied: “Of course it’s European. This is dish from Spain which is in Europe.”

Others jumped in to also blast David, with one asking, “Are you kidding? It’s a Spanish dish, from Spain.”

Another wrote: “It 100% is a European dish dumb dumn. It’s from Spain and Spain is in Europe.”

Fans took to Reddit, as well, so say how “laughable” it is that David could be so “ignorant.”

A second wrote: “What a dumba**. I wonder where he thought Spain was.”

All this comes after David was slammed for “humiliating” his wife Jenelle by filming an “unflattering” video of her in a bikini.

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Jenelle stood on the beach holding a pint of beer, flicking off the camera as she looked like she didn’t want to be filmed.

The 29-year-old then laughed as David zoomed in on her belly and then her butt to show off her body.


At the end of the clip, the ex TV star turned around and twerked to the beat of the music.

Fans were astonished that the father of three would film such “humiliating” content as they ripped him for being so “hateful.”

“Did David film this? If so, girl he hates you. Simple as that,” one expressed.

Meanwhile, the mother of three took to the video-sharing platform to respond to her haters who advised her to “get a job.”

The former TV personality danced in a pair of tiny shorts, tank top, and baseball cap to the Destiny’s Child hit song Bills, Bills, Bills.

She twerked and popped her body to the music, and captioned her clip: “When people tell me to get a real job. You don’t pay my bills.”

He said the dish isn't European, despite it coming from Spain


He said the dish isn’t European, despite it coming from SpainCredit: TikTok
Teen Mom fans called David 'ignorant' and 'dumb'


Teen Mom fans called David ‘ignorant’ and ‘dumb’Credit: MTV
Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason slammed for ‘humiliating’ her by filming ‘unflattering’ bikini video

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