‘Teen Mom‘ Jenelle Evans SLAMMED For Day Drinking Amid Health Woes

Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans is no stranger to the controversial headlines. Now, her TikTok followers are coming at her based on their observations. So, now Jenelle Evans is slammed for day drinking since TikTok claims she does it every day.

Teen Mom alum catches heat for allegedly drinking all the time

The critique about Jenelle Evans and her alleged drinking habit comes after a recent TikTok she made. In the video, Jenelle is holding a White Claw while grilling. The audio for this video is “Can I.” Jenelle captions the post with “steal your girl addition.”

Then, in the comment section, Jenelle’s followers come after her. Apparently, her drinking doesn’t jive well with her health issues. Some of the comments are below.

  • “Aggravating all those health problems by drinking daily… okay.”
  • “Don’t drink alcohol. No wonder you aren’t getting better.”
  • “it seems like you drink. every. single. day!!! it can’t be good for your health.”
  • “you stay drinking.”

Jenelle responds to one of the comments and explains that this TikTok was a draft from two weeks ago. She tells the commenter to “carry on.”

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans disproves lip fillers feature
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Some fans defend Jenelle

However, not all of the comments are negative. There are a lot of people that defend Jenelle. It seems like these people have a grasp on the fact that we only see a portion of her life. One of the fans writes, “Wait! Why do people who don’t even know you IRL have something to say? Lol.”

Another fan wants to know, “Why can’t people leave [Jenelle] alone though? We’re all grown adults and make our own decisions…right?” To this, another person speculates that Jenelle gets so much negative attention because people are jealous of her.

Aside from the back and forth about Jenelle drinking, other comments commend her grilling skills. However, some people are concerned that she isn’t making enough food for her big family. One comment even points out that she only has eight chicken legs on the grill. But, someone else points out that some people grill meat in batches.

@jenellelevans#CanI : steal your girl addition 🤷🏻‍♀️🙃

♬ Can I – richonm

What do you think about all the attention Jenelle gets about drinking and her health? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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