Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slammed for insisting she only used drugs for ‘three months of her life’ despite past arrests

TEEN Mom’s Jenelle Evans was slammed by fans on Twitter for insisting she only used drugs for “three months of her whole life.”

Jenelle, 29, posted the tweet defending herself despite having a history of past arrests for alleged drug and paraphernalia possession, assault, and other charges over the past decade.


Teen Mom Jenelle Evans was slammed by fans on a recent Tweet for drug useCredit: Refer to Caption
She claimed to have used drugs for only 'three months of her life'


She claimed to have used drugs for only ‘three months of her life’Credit: Splash

Jenelle tweeted yesterday in response to a fan: “I swear if you do drugs for 3 months of your whole life people will try and use it against you forever. There’s a pending case going on. You’re an idiot. But I’m not talking about my custody case.”

The follower’s tweet read: “Instead of using all your money on heroin you could have been getting custody of your son.”

Another follower replied to the chain: “I swear if you only make 25 911 calls in one year, file a restraining order against your dog killer husband for endangering your children’s lives, people will use it against you forever!”

The comments from fans referred to when Jenelle was fired from the show after her husband, David Eason, 33, shot and killed their family dog in April 2019.

They are also referring to when Jenelle was arrested for alleged heroin possession with her ex-husband Courtland Rogers in April 2013.

The charges against Jenelle were later dropped.


Back in 2018, Jenelle confessed to Vince Russo’s The Band podcast revealing that she tested positive for THC, the chemical found in cannabis, after giving birth to her daughter Ensley, now four, who she shares with husband David.

The star reportedly confessed: “I’m not going to lie about that. I tested positive for THC and Ensley did not test positive.”

She shared that CPS checked up on her in the hospital and closed the case on site.

Jenelle added this was not the first time CPS had checked up on her home, and said: “CPS has been here like 30 times, not just for that, but for haters online saying that I abuse my kids.”

She continued: “First of all if I were on drugs I wouldn’t be able to sit here in the morning and get the kids ready and eat healthy. Or I’d be losing a lot of weight.”


The ex Teen Mom 2 star has been open about her drug addiction in the past, writing that she once used heroin four or five times a day during the peak of her addiction in her book Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom released in July 2017.

She said in the memoir that she does not “glamorize the drug by going into the long details of why people love it so damned much.”

She admitted her “first trip was amazing.”

She wrote: “Before I knew it, I was shooting up four or five times a day. I was hooked.”

In early September of this year, the Teen Mom alum broke down into tears when a fan praised her for leaving behind her dark drug addiction past.

The MTV star kicked the addiction after going to rehab in New Jersey and credited Barbara with helping her get back on her feet when she left.

She wrote: “For all of our problems, I owe her for what she did that day. I called her and told her what kind of trouble I was in, and how I needed help.”

She no longer does heroin, but has admitted to smoking weed with David.


The tweet this morning followed the news of Jenelle explaining to fans why she stopped wearing her wedding ring.

The surprising admission came after fans urged her to divorce her “violent” husband, again, referring to the rocky relationship the couple has struggled through.

A fan wrote to Jenelle on TikTok: “Heyyyy you’re wearing your white silicone band again. Is your ring too big now.”

She responded: “I know most of you would have noticed I’m wearing my silicone ring. I knew eventually you guys would ask… When we went to dinner on our anniversary night, I had it. I’ll show you a picture. I didn’t post this picture because I didn’t like the way it turned out.”

Jenelle then showed the picture continuing: “See what I mean it was a horrible picture. That’s why I didn’t post it. Lighting was horrible. But anyway you can see that I’m wearing my ring. It’s completely fine. Everything’s in tact right?

“Then we were on our way home from dinner. I get home. I change my clothes, take off my dress. All of the sudden, I scratch my back, and I’m like oh s**t, what did I scratch my back on?

“And then I looked at my ring. My diamond was gone. My whole diamond was gone. All the other diamonds were there, but the big one was gone.

“But I have a lifetime warranty that David paid $700 for. So they’re going to replace it. So it’s actually the diamond has to be replaced because the prong broke.”


In late 2019, Jenelle split from David and took their daughter Ensley and her son Kaiser, 7, from a previous relationship, to Nashville, Tennessee, in order to get away from him.

She filed a no-contact order against him, claiming that she was fearful for her and her kids’ safety.

Jenelle revealed she was concerned about speaking to her lawyer about getting a divorce because it “would only make David even more angry, but it was the reality at the time, and I was planning on leaving him.”

Before this had happened, David had admitted to shooting their dog Nugget after he nipped Ensley on the cheek.

The couple got fired from MTV and were investigated by CPS as a result.

The CPS investigation was closed after a series of course hearings.

Jenelle, at the time, accused David of verbal and physical abuse and reportedly alleged 11 separate incidents throughout the past two years.

Since then, Jenelle shared that the couple are now in a “better place” after their time apart because they “fixed arguing.”

Back in 2018, Jenelle confessed she tested positive for THC after giving birth to her youngest


Back in 2018, Jenelle confessed she tested positive for THC after giving birth to her youngestCredit: Tiktok / @jenellelevans
In the MTV star's book, she openly discussed her dark drug addiction past


In the MTV star’s book, she openly discussed her dark drug addiction pastCredit: Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office
Yesterday, Jenelle explained why she stopped wearing her wedding ring


Yesterday, Jenelle explained why she stopped wearing her wedding ringCredit: Instagram
Teen Mom Jenelle Evans responds to trolls who accused her of drinking at 11am after ‘alcohol problem’ concerns

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