TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry claims a NUN ‘shamed’ her in hospital bed after she gave birth to son Isaac out of wedlock at 17

TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry revealed that a nun “shamed” her just moments after she gave birth to her son Isaac out of wedlock at 17 years old.

Kail shared her shocking birth story with Teen Mom co-star Vee Rivera on the latest episode of her podcast Baby Mamas No Drama, which dropped on Tuesday morning.


Kailyn reveals shocking birth storyCredit: Facebook
Nun "shamed" her for having Isaac out of wedlock moments after his birth


Nun “shamed” her for having Isaac out of wedlock moments after his birthCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source

Kailyn is close with her baby daddy Jo Rivera’s wife, Vee Rivera, who she co-hosts the podcast with.

Kail shared the vulnerable moment about Issac’s premature birth, and confessed she felt “shocked,” “confused” and “scared.”

Vee commented: “No one really tells you about the real things you go through before child birth.”

Kailyn agreed: “Yeah, I was so shocked.”

Her now-estranged mother did not take her to a hospital, but to the doctor’s office, which was a 30 minute drive away.

When her contractions came four minutes apart, Kailyn was rushed to an old, Catholic hospital.

She said thirteen people were in the room with her: the doctors, nurses, and even the camera crew claiming to be her cousins so they could film the birth.

Kailyn laughed as she said she screamed at Jo to “hold her foot” during the birth, though Vee said the fact the hospital was so “outdated” that Kailyn had nothing to brace herself against to push was “so funny.”

Kailyn’s first baby daddy, Jo Rivera, apparently left her alone as he had to go to work, and none of her family stayed in the hospital room even though Isaac suffered premature birth complications.

She said: “This nun came in to see me because this baby was born out of wedlock.”

Vee gasped in disbelief and asked: “To have a talk with you?”

Vee added: “This is so dramatic!”


This isn’t the first time Kail has shared a vulnerable moment on the podcast, as back in 2020 she was “so embarrassed” and “in tears and humiliated” when an ex demanded a paternity test to prove he was her son’s dad.

This month, the reality star has also opened up a lot about her “weird stages of losing weight” as she has struggled to find clothes after Kail was body shamed.

She broke down into tears with co-host, Lindsie Chrisley, on yet another podcast, Coffee Convos: “What is wrong with me that I can’t lose weight?”

Near the end of September; the mom of four claimed on social media that her ex Chris Lopez and Javi Marroquin’s other baby mama Lauren Comeau called her a “fat f**k” and “piece of s**t.”

Chris clapped back posting a cryptic quote on Twitter blasting Kail for “playing the victim card” in the midst of their drawn own feud.


The co-parents have had a rocky relationship for years, as Kail claims she’s spent $80K on lawyer fees as she fights Chris Lopez for custody of Lux, 4, & Creed, 1.

The co-parents attended virtual court as seen on an episode of last season’s Teen Mom 2, but off-camera Chris argued that he wanted 50/50 custody while Kailyn insisted he “negotiate” with the lawyers so that they can settle the matter out of court.

In September of 2020, Kailyn was also arrested after “punching Chris several times with a closed first” after he cut Lux’s hair without her permission.

Kailyn shares her son Isaac, 11, with her ex Jo Rivera, Lincoln, seven, with Javi, and Lux, four, and Creed, one, with Chris.

Kailyn gets emotional about weight loss


Kailyn gets emotional about weight lossCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source
Custody battle with Chris remains heated


Custody battle with Chris remains heatedCredit: Social Media – Refer to source
Kailyn has a positive relationship with her baby daddy's wife, Vee Rivera


Kailyn has a positive relationship with her baby daddy’s wife, Vee RiveraCredit: Facebook

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