Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry posts adorable video of son Lux, 4, at boxing class after ex Chris Lopez ‘wouldn’t let her attend’

TEEN Mom star Kailyn Lowry shared a cute video of her son Lux, four, at his boxing class after her baby daddy ex Chris Lopez allegedly banned her from the gym.

The 29-year-old was forced to reshare the clip from someone else instead of being there to record it herself because she claimed she’s been shut out.


Kailyn Lowry shared an adorable photo of her son Lux, 4, at his boxing classCredit: Instagram/Kailyn Lowry
She had to post someone else's video of her son because her ex Chris Lopez allegedly banned her from the gym


She had to post someone else’s video of her son because her ex Chris Lopez allegedly banned her from the gym

On Tuesday night, Kailyn posted an Instagram Story of Lux shuffling around the boxing ring in blue shorts and a white T-shirt as he made sure to keep both of his fists up in front of his face.

She was tagged in the video by her son’s coach, allowing her to reshare it since she’s claimed she’s not allowed to physically be at the gym because of her ex Chris,

In the clip, the coach kept reminding Lux, “Hands at the chin, hands at the chin,” and told him “switch” directions.

“Conditioning! I love these kids,” he captioned the video, with Kailyn adding a boxing glove sticker to her version of the post.

Earlier this month, Kailyn took to her Coffee Convos podcast to claim: “He does not want me to attend anything regarding boxing for Lux, even on my weeks.

“He does not want me to be there. In my personal opinion, it’s for personal reasons. It’s not that he doesn’t want me to see Lux. I don’t know how to navigate it. He refuses.”

The Teen Mom star revealed that Chris works at that gym teaching other kids boxing.

She pointed out that she’s very involved with her three other sons’ activities and attends their classes and games even if it’s not her “week.”

“I don’t want to miss things for Lux. Part of it is a pride thing for me as a mom,” Kailyn said.

“I don’t ever want [my kids] to look for me and not see me. And then the other part of me is, like, I do deserve to be there. So why can’t I? But Chris doesn’t absolutely want me to be at boxing.

“I don’t feel like I should be required to miss it because his dad coaches other kids. I want to be there every step of the way.

“I don’t know if it’s a pride thing. I think I could compromise, like, ‘OK I won’t be there on your weeks’ but I deserve to be there on my weeks. Like, I deserve that much.”

Kailyn said she offered to send Lux to a different boxing class at a gym closer to her home during her weeks so that she and Lux’s brothers could watch him.

Chris hit back on his own podcast, P.T.S.D. Pressure Talks with Single Dads, claiming Kailyn deliberately gets on with her two other baby daddies Javi Marroquin and Jo Rivera and not with him.

“How the f**k you get along with everybody but me? It’s a choice!” he claimed.

Chris recently signed a contract to appear on Teen Mom 2, and Kailyn slammed MTV for not telling her.

She blasted the network for how they “handled” adding her ex Chris to the show after “12 years” with them.

One follower asked during an Instagram Q&A: “Are you upset Chris signed to be on Teen Mom or are you unbothered?”

Kailyn shot back: “I don’t give one single f**k what Chris does.

“I care about how it was handled/how I found out and the lack of respect people have for me after 12 years of doing this show.”

The Teen Mom 2 star previously took to her Stories to shut down rumors that she was “upset” about Chris’s addition, saying she “didn’t know” he would be on the MTV series until people were wrongfully “quoting” her.

She claimed on her podcast that Chris doesn't wanted her anywhere near the gym


She claimed on her podcast that Chris doesn’t wanted her anywhere near the gymCredit: TikTok
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Kailyn shares sons Lux and Creed with her ex ChrisCredit: Instagram
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