Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry’s son Lux, 3, tells her he wants to stay in bed instead of go school shopping in adorable video

KAILYN Lowry’s son Lux decided he would rather “stay in bed” all day than go back to school shopping.

The Teen Mom 2 star has been in a very public disagreement with her ex and baby daddy Chris Lopez, 27 after he was offered a contract to join the MTV show.


Kailyn and Lux wished their Instagram followers a ‘good morning’Credit: Instagram/kaillowry
The tot claimed he wanted to 'stay in bed' all-day


The tot claimed he wanted to ‘stay in bed’ all-dayCredit: Instagram/kaillowry

Kailyn, 29, took to Instagram on Tuesday morning to share an adorable video as she and her son Lux, four, prepared for their day.

The reality star filmed selfie-style as she wished both her child and social media followers a “good morning.”

“Good morning Instagram,” the TV personality began, as her toddler joined in to say: “Good morning Instagram!”

“You’re the cutest!” she laughed, as she zoomed in on her middle child.

In a separate story post, Kailyn asked Lux: “What are we doing today?” as he continued to lay in bed.

“In the bed,” he answered, as he struggled to decide on their plan.

“Correct answer: school shopping,” Kailyn captioned the clip, adding: “I wish we could stay in bed all day! Right?” to which he replied: “Yes.”


The MTV star has been in an all-out battle with Lux’s father Chris for years, and most recently she has labeled him as a “part-time babysitter.”

Last week, the mother of four took to her Instagram Stories where she went on a rant about her ex saying that he doesn’t contribute financially to support his children.

The controversial star claimed: “The bar has been set really low for men.

“It’s really annoying and tired and I’m over being called a bitter mom or I’m this and I’m trying to keep my sons away from their dad when you don’t contribute financially.

“When you don’t know what the school schedule is, you don’t know when doctor’s appointments are… Am I bitter or am I doing what I have to do for my children? You guys decide.”


Kailyn then slammed her ex for the “financial burden” she has faced due to his lack of support.

“You become like a part-time babysitter. I shouldn’t see you on a shed on Instagram Live when you’re supposed to be taking care of my kids,” she shared.

“If you want 50 percent [custody] that means you have to do 50 percent of the work. That means you call the school directly for information, you call the doctors.

“I’m no longer holding a grown man’s hand and walking him through fatherhood at 27, 28.”


Shortly after, Chris took to his own platform to address the accusations made by his ex.

“If I’m going to be honest with y’all man, if I was to speak on the drama that went on today, I’d be contradicting myself,” he explained.

“If you listen to my last podcast, I said it. I’m not going to keep engaging in this s**t. I already know how it turns out, I’m not gonna do that.”

Chris continued: “I’m done, so I’m not speaking on that s**t no more man. I said what I think, that’s cool. I take whatever was said, I take that s**t on the chin, it is what it is. I’m not gonna argue it.

“But I came on here to just composite s**t with y’all. I hate getting on the Internet and social media sometimes, and seeing that s**t, I ain’t gonna lie.”

Kailyn and her ex Chris have been at odds for years


Kailyn and her ex Chris have been at odds for years
They share two sons, Lux and Creed


They share two sons, Lux and CreedCredit: Instagram
Kailyn recently slammed her baby daddy as a 'part-time babysitter'


Kailyn recently slammed her baby daddy as a ‘part-time babysitter’Credit: Instagram @kaillowry
Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry’s ex Chris Lopez films their son Creed, 1, walking after she called him a ‘part-time babysitter’

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