Teen Mom Kayla Sessler accused of ‘blackfishing’ as she looks unrecognizable with darker skin in new selfie

KAYLA Sessler has been accused of “blackfishing” in a new photo as fans compare her skin color to her scalp color.

The Teen Mom star has previously been accused of making her skin appear darker and wearing culturally appropriating hairstyles.

Kayla’s skin looked much darker than her scalp lineCredit: Instagram/Kayla Sessler

Fans noticed a huge difference from her normal look


Fans noticed a huge difference from her normal lookCredit: Refer to Caption

Kayla, 22, took to Instagram on Sunday to share a new selfie while in the car.

The reality star posed with her hair slick back in a long twirled braid as she wore a black and white striped crop top and gave the camera a serious expression.

The TV personality captioned her shot: “5’5 and she too fine 🖤,” though fans were more concerned about the difference in color between her skin and her scalp.


Several rushed to Reddit to slam her for “blackfishing” and appearing “unrecognizable” in her recent photos.

“I wonder what her natural hair color is cuz she honestly looks better with dark hair. Idk about all the filters and vague blackfishing going on thoooo,” one explained.

“Lol that her own scalp is outing her blackfishing so hard. Got a damn no passing zone running down the middle of her head. She better watch out or somebody’s gonna try to snort that line 🤣,” a second joked.

A third expressed: “Ok so legit question, I’ve just searched her IG and this girl is WHITE, like madly super white. How the hell has she done this? This isn’t just some basic make up, it’s a whole a** look.”

“Holy blackfishing batman,” another put shortly while a final agreed: “The scalp doesn’t lie.”


Kayla has previously faced backlash for appearing darker in her photos, and earlier this month fans pleaded for her to “stop” with “cultural appropriation.”

In a video posted to social media, the MTV star showed herself glammed up with fully contoured makeup, big lips, and her long wavy hair down past her shoulders.

The mother of two’s skin seemed much darker than usual, leading fans to accuse her of “blackfishing.”

Blackfishing is when people use makeup or tanning to make their skin appear darker and is usually seen as a form of cultural appropriation.


After one fan shared screenshots of the video to a Facebook page, others chimed in with their own opinions.

“This has to stop,” one scathed.

“Is it bad that it feels like she’s blackfishing to me,” another wrote in the comments, to which a third replied, “Oh yes, hardcore blackfacing [sic].”

“Blackfishing much,” a fourth added while a final asked: “Is she blackfishing?”


Kayla, who has ignored all accusations thus far, shares her daughter Ariah with her fiancé Luke Davis and has a son Izaiah, three, with her ex Stephan Alexander.

Earlier this month, the TV star was seen in a violent physical fight with Stephan’s mother, Annette, during a Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant preview clip.

During the teaser, Teen Mom production security was forced to break up the altercation after Kayla accused Izaiah’s grandmother of being absent.

Once heated words were exchanged, Stephan’s mother slammed her purse on the table and lunged at her son’s baby mama.

Kayla was then knocked off her chair onto the ground, and Annette continued swinging as security held her back.

Kayla has previously been accused of 'blackfishing'
Kayla has previously been accused of ‘blackfishing’

She has two small kids with two different fathers


She has two small kids with two different fathersCredit: Facebook

Kayla had an altercation with Stephan's mother


Kayla had an altercation with Stephan’s motherCredit: MTV
Teen Mom security breaks up physical fight between Kayla Sessler and baby daddy Stephan’s mom in Young and Pregnant preview

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