Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans throws shade at MTV editors as she admits she misses being on TV

TEEN Mom star Jenelle Evans has thrown shade at the editors of the show in a Q&A about her experience being on TV.

The mom-of-three, who rose to fame on MTV show Teen Mom 2, opened up that she “did not miss” how the infamous show was edited.


Jenelle discussed what she did and didn’t miss about the show on TikTokCredit: TikTok/Jenelle Evans
Jenelle rose to fame on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom
Jenelle rose to fame on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom

Jenelle, 29, took to TikTok to answer a question from a fan who wanted to know whether or not the star “missed being on Teen Mom”.

The former reality star took the opportunity to list the things she didn’t miss about being on TV before diving into the things she loved about it.

And one thing threw shade directly at the editors of Teen Mom, who she suggested didn’t show the good in her life as it “didn’t make ratings”.

Sitting in her “she-shed” in a t-shirt and baseball cap, Jenelle filmed herself as she went into detail about the pros and cons of Teen Mom.

“That’s a really good question – do I miss being on Teen Mom,” she responded to the fan’s comment from a previous video.

“I do not miss the reunions and I do not miss the way I wasn’t allowed to be involved with editing,” Jenelle began.

“But I do miss sharing my story with you guys. I do miss you guys watching my kids grow up as well. I also miss the fact you guys relate to my story.”

She continued: “New chapters happen in life and some close – but there are milestones that the kids have been achieving and you don’t see any of that.”

Hinting back to how she was portrayed on Teen Mom, Jenelle concluded: “There’s so much good that has happened in my life since TV but that doesn’t make ratings.”

In the comments section of the video, Jenelle found herself arguing with trolls who claimed she simply “missed the money” from the MTV series.

One joked: “You miss the money tho,” before Jenelle retorted, “I make almost as much being self employed at home.”

Another mused: “She misses the money,” as the controversial TV personality quickly responded back: “Nope.”

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Controversial mom Jenelle favored partying over parenting on initial MTV series 16 And Pregnant, which she joined in 2009.

Episodes showed her attempting to postpone a jail sentence to go to a music gig while giving custody of firstborn Jace to her mom.

Jenelle went on to star on Teen Mom 2 and now has three children.

Yet her husband David, with whom she has battled through marriage struggles, was booted off the series in 2018 after he posted a series of homophobic Tweets.

She was fired a year later when her husband shot and killed the family dog.

Jenelle now makes money from her social media appearances


Jenelle now makes money from her social media appearancesCredit: j_evans1219/Instagram
The star said she didn't miss the "editing" on the MTV show


The star said she didn’t miss the “editing” on the MTV showCredit: MTV
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