Teenager Spends $10,000 On Facial Surgery After She Was Bullied At School

Dallas Texas resident, Katy Crooks, 18, is a makeup artist that enjoys beautifying her clients. Despite this, she struggled to see her beauty in high school because she was often called hurtful names like “toucan” and “Pinocchio.”

Four injuries resulted in some damage to the bridge of her nose, and she was forced to live with constant bullying because of it. Her nose was always her “biggest insecurity,” so she chose to do something about it.

It took going under the knife twice for her nose to be straightened. Her plastic surgeon also lifted the tip of her nose, resized her nostrils, and worked on her septum. It was a lengthy process, but for Crooks, it was “110% the happiest day of [her] life.”

The surgeries totaled in at around $10,000, but the young woman said it was worth it. She said she has gained a new sense of confidence and feels invincible. After being constantly reminded that her nose was “too big,” she can finally move on.

Through various instances of bullying, she no longer feels “ugly” and shared that she started doing makeup as an escape long before her surgeries. Crooks stated: “I was using makeup to cover up my biggest insecurity.”

Now, she uses makeup to enhance her features and to draw out the beauty in others. People have criticized her for taking such drastic action to perfect her nose. However, she has a justification for her decision.

The eighteen-year-old expressed that she reached a point where she was willing to do whatever it took. The first time she took off her nose cast, she was overwhelmed with emotion. She had tears in her eyes and could not wipe the smile off of her face.

She constantly ran her finger over her new nose and couldn’t believe the bumps were finally gone. One of the boys who had bullied her for many years was stunned when he saw Crooks’ new nose. In fact, he even tried to flirt with her. Crooks took pleasure in rejecting him.

Sadly, not all of the bullying stopped after her surgeries. Some people still thought her nose was ugly and “too big.” The teen ignores them because she is overjoyed with the results.

The young woman is popular on TikTok and regularly flaunts her new nose online. A clip posted in August attracted lots of attention after she detailed her nose journey. People applauded her bravery. Many users also said she looked “gorgeous” and “amazing.”


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