Teeqo teases “next chapter” following FaZe Clan crypto drama

Suspended FaZe Clan member Teeqo has told his followers that he will announce a decision about his future on Friday 10 September. The veteran streamer had his membership halted by the org on July 2 after he became embroiled in the ‘Save the Kids’ cryptocurrency scandal.

Teeqo, along with other members of FaZe, appeared in a video advertising the coin that would “redistribute wealth to both holders and charities.” The video has since been taken down.

While Teeqo briefly appeared in the 17-second video, Kay, Teeqo, Jarvis and Nikan were accused of trying to ‘pump and dump’ the coin. This practice occurs when people invest and gain interest in a currency before pulling out their stake to earn a quick return on their initial investment.

The fact that Save the Kids has a similar name to the Save the Kids Foundation, a nonprofit organization which leads the battle against child cancer, didn’t go down well with the public. Nor did its logo’s similarity to that of Save the Children.

The fallout resulted in three FaZe Clan members Teeqo, Jarvis and Nikan being banned from the organization, but Teeqo maintained his innocence, insisting that he “never worked on [the] coin.”

Teeqo has been a member of FaZe Clan since 2011, but it is still unclear whether he will return. FaZe Banks seemingly left the door open to him when he was asked if the banned streamers would be back. “It’s up to them,” he said.

We’ll see if Teeqo will rep the Red-and-Black again when he makes his announcement on Friday, but it appears a FaZe Clan video on September 2 teased his appearance, one that seems to all but guarantee that he’ll be involved in at least one more production from the org.

However, the 27-year-old wasn’t giving anything away in his statement. “Big announcement this Friday!!!,” Teeqo said on Twitter. “All I can really ask is that, whatever my decision is moving forward, whatever the next chapter is, wherever I may end up… that you understand and support me no matter what.”

FaZe Clan YouTube

FaZe Clan’s Sept 3 YouTube video seemed to tease an upcoming appearance by Teeqo.

Though we have to wait and see if the Swedish YouTuber will FaZeUp in his return, there’s bound to be plenty of interest from other brands should he be on the market.

With about 1.5 million followers on Twitter and nearly 3 million subscribers on YouTube, he has loads of fans eagerly anticipating his return.

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