Tenant Destroys Kitchen Floor with Jackhammer after Landlord Kept Deposit over Ridiculous Reason

Fuming from the ears, an infuriated TikToker decided to obliterate his landlord’s property, claiming sweet revenge for being treated poorly. With no remorse, he left the flat with a mess he refused to clean up. 

An angry tenant recorded the vengeance he took against his landlord after they chose to keep his deposit over “dirty grout.” Taking to TikTok, Ethan or @207eth shared this clip with his fellow netizens who were in shock at this individual’s actions.

At the beginning of the video, the TikToker zoomed in on the tiles where these dirty grout joints were claimed to be located. Ethan explained in the overlay text that this was the first issue he had in three years of living there.

Ethan destroying a kitchen floor due to his landlord keeping the deposit.

The TikTok user then facetiously held a broom in front of the camera, letting the landlord know that he was leaving the broom there for them to clean up after whatever mess he was about to make. Taking to the description @207eth penned:

“Nothing like the greedy upperclass.”

The clip then quickly swopped to the TikToker using a jackhammer to drill the tiles, while a serene song called “Cowpoke” by Colter Wall played along in the background.

Using overlay text, he sarcastically wished the landlord luck in finding a tenant who was better than him. The comment section went wild in response to this renter’s brash decision.

The proprietor had previously asked them to remain occupants due to their cleanliness.

Some supported him, yet others thought it was not the most brilliant move on his part. Many joined hands in their pure hatred towards proprietors, sharing stories of their deposits being unfairly retained.

Individual commenting on a TikTok post by Ethan. | Source: tiktok.com/207eth

Individual commenting on a TikTok post by Ethan.

However, a few TikTokers did not condone his actions, while others advised that practically, it was not a great decision. One commented:

“People be like ‘landlord bad’ and then destroy their property in response and think they’re the good guys.😂😂😂”

A significant number did not believe the story, implying that Ethan staged it. The viral video has, so far, received just over 11,000 comments and around 692,000 likes.

This is not the first time someone has expressed their frustrations towards their landlords. Taking to Twitter, an angry individual going by Hani or @voteforhani shared a clip of her landlord inspecting her flat.

She acted as though the tenant’s flat, was dirty. In her Tweet, the tenant expressed her dislike towards landlords, stating that her flat was absolutely immaculate.

The Twitter user also said that the proprietor had previously asked them to remain occupants due to their level of cleanliness. It looks like many individuals believe that rather than filthy apartments, landlords are the ones with dirt on their hands.


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