Terrified woman hears ‘squeak’ then finds bat hanging upside-down on her crotch

A woman was shocked when she walked into her house and realised a bat was hanging upside-down on the crotch area of her jeans.

Tiffany Granillo, from Colorado in US, posted her discovery on TikTok and asked: “How did this happen to me?”

In the video, she pans her camera down to her jeans and awkwardly opens her legs where the nocturnal animal is seen clinging right from her crotch.

“Stay out of nature,” an overlay text in the video shows.

In the comments section, she joked she had to leave a video as “evidence” if she, unfortunately, died from rabies and explained: “All I know is I took a step and heard a squeak, looked down and…

“I called my husband first. I was terrified to move until he came to get it.

Tiffany said she heard a squeak when she was walking back home and looked down to find a bat stuck on her jeans

“My husband grabbed him, he died from cat-related injuries.”

She continued: “I saw a cat in the area that I think was the culprit. We sent the bat off for testing and he came back negative for rabies within a few hours.”

The video has racked up more than four million views, with viewers quick to offer their best “bat jokes”.

One made reference to the Batman movie, saying: “Alfred, Alfred. Alfred let me in. I forgot my keys.”

“I see Dracula is taking the more direct approach these days,” another wrote while a third said: “When hinting to a friend ‘You’ve got a bat in the cave’ takes a dark turn.”

The winged animal stayed right at her crotch area and she was too terrified to move
The winged animal stayed in her crotch area and she was too terrified to move

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A fourth added: “Sounds like a freaky Dr Seuss book ‘Bat in the cat’.”

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