Terrifying ‘ghost’ haunting Google Maps leaves people confused at voice change

Some users have taken to social media after noticing a bug while using Google Maps that appears to randomly change the accent of the person navigating people around

Over the years, Google Maps has produced many weird and wonderful sightings.

It’s also become our regular companion, ensuring we get from A to B when completely lost.

Many of us recognise the voice used to direct us, so it’s not surprising that people have been left shaken after the voice mysteriously changed.

Confused Google Maps users flocked to Reddit to complain about a mysterious voice being dubbed “the ghost of Google Maps”.

On social media, people have queried incidents where a man with an Indian accent suddenly interrupts their journeys.

The popular Reddit thread explains: “Hi. I use the English voice and it’s normally a woman’s voice.

The change has left people ‘creeped out’



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“On my trip home today it was mostly the woman voice, then suddenly for one instruction it talked in what sounded like a deep man’s voice with a slight Indian accent.

“Has anyone had this? Sounds crazy.”

Lots of bemused people replied in the comments.

One said: “Had this happen the other day. Surprisingly the Indian accented fella sounds less robotic in his directions than most other voices.

“Kid and I find this random voice swap entertaining. The funny thing is to try finding this voice in the catalogues of voices for Google maps/assistance… I haven’t been able to find it as an option.”

Another wrote: “Same here. Man with an Indian accent. It started with alternating between the usual female voice and the Indian male voice, then just went full Indian after a few minutes.

“Annoying since I have trouble picking out his voice over my music.”

A third added: “Omg I thought it was just me, I got so weirded out, I was worried I got hacked somehow. I wonder if Google Maps got hacked.”

The mystery man has been heard on Android and Apple devices.

The official Google Maps Twitter account replied to one confused man who asked: “Am I the only one that has an East Indian voice intermittently jumping in for @GoogleMaps directions lately?”

The account apologised, adding: “The team is working on a fix and it will be rolled out soon. Thank you for your patience.”

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