Terrifying moment ‘tarantula’ is filmed crawling around plane mid-flight

For some, travelling by plane is a nerve-wracking experience.

And to make matters worse for nervous flyers, a spider turned up during this flight.

A man filmed the moment a huge insect crawled around in a bag.

The passenger claimed it was a tarantula, which was kept wrapped up to avoid it escaping and landing on any unsuspecting holidaymakers.

In the clip, a brave man can be seen carrying the arachnid in a see-through plastic bag along the aisle to take it away from the rest of the passengers aboard the aircraft.

TikTok user @directorbrazil captioned the video: “So this happened tonight…”

We are glad we weren’t on that flight

The viral clip has now racked up a whopping 2.1 million views and 87,000 likes – and unsurprisingly, it’s left many people squirming.

Jokingly, one TikTok user said: “The spider has its own paparazzi”

Another TikTok user shared how this would be their worst nightmare.

They wrote: “Omg. Flying and spiders are my two biggest fears.”

Another person added: “Snakes on a plane took a twist.”

And a fourth TikToker commented: “Not only do I have to worry about crashing and dying now I have to worry about tarantulas on my flight.”

man holding bag with tarantula in
Luckily, this man was brave enough to save the day

Tarantulas have eight eyes, large hairy bodies and legs, which is probably why they freak people out.

But according to National Geographic, they’re not actually as harmful as they appear to be.

It certainly wouldn’t be pleasant to be bitten by one, but their venom is only mild.

Some say getting a tarantula bite is no worse than getting stung by a bee.

Not sure we’d like to share a flight with one though…

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