Terry Crews recreates iconic White Chicks dance – and fans love it

Actor and comedian Terry Crews whose known for Everybody Hates Chris and The Longest Yard is bringing it back to one of his most memorable roles as Latrell Spencer in White Chicks.

Despite having memorable lines such as, “Once you go black, you gonna need a wheelchair” and “She don’t know it yet… But that’s ‘Wifey’ right there,” the most iconic scene was when Spencer (Crews) was in the car with Marcus/Tiffany (Marlon Wayans) nodding his head to singer Vanessa Carlton’s bop “A Thousand Miles.”

Crews, who happens to be the current host of America’s Got Talent posted a video to his Twitter to showcase himself keeping the audience delighted with an impromptu dance while the staff was setting up for the night’s entertainment.

“Always ready for this song! The perfect #AGT audience hype song! @VanessaCarlton #AThousandMiles,” he captioned the video.

The video accumulated more than 54,000 views at the time of writing with people weighing in on how much Crews loves his job and the classic moment reminiscent of White Chicks.

“Hahaha…that White Chicks scene song…classic,” someone wrote.

“Terry…you are just the coolest,” another added.

Someone else noted that Crews knows how to make a person’s day and wrote, “AHH man Terry Crews knows how to make my day.”

Check out other reactions below.

In a story for  Entertainment Weekly last year, Crews revealed that the scene was shot and performed in one take.

“Every move you see, everything had been choreographed to a T,” he told the outlet. “I was doing that in my hotel room for weeks, and I remember sitting there thinking about the head move because it was like ‘da da da’ and all of a sudden I was like, ‘Oh man, wait until they see this!’”

He also added that he believed that the dance would be too much “because casting agents used to say that I was just too big for movies.” Rest assured though, Crews said “there was no overdoing it” with the dance.

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