Tesco issues warning to shoppers who could be missing out on Clubcard points

Tesco credit card users have been getting frustrated this week as they’ve gone to collect loyalty points from Britain’s largest grocer.

A “glitch” has been hampering shoppers’ efforts to scoop up discounts when they go to use their credit cards via Apple Pay, leaving many furious.

Normally users of the Tesco credit card have their points and discounts calculated straight away without having to also scan their Clubcard, however The Times has reported that Apple Pay isn’t automatically included in the working of the system.

The outcome of this is customers who use Apple Pay to access their Tesco credit card are losing out on Clubcard benefits, overall costing them money.

Customers have reported not getting their Clubcard bonuses

When working correctly, savvy Clubcard users can make big savings on broad ranges of selected products.

Raging shoppers have been taking to Twitter to express their frustration. One said: “Paid for a shop today with my credit card/Clubcard via Apple Pay and seems you can’t link the Clubcard prices to the credit card/Clubcard meaning you lose out on the Clubcard prices.”

A second said: “Can you explain why Clubcard points are no longer collected when payment is made via Apple Pay?”

Another fuming customer said: “There is no error on the phone, the tills just don’t recognise the Clubcard and then also using ApplePay doesn’t event [email protected] card when hovering over reader.”

In response to concerns, Tesco said: “Information regarding Apple Pay is in the welcome booklet, as well as on our website and online community pages.

Tesco Clubcard being swiped in store
Customers have reported not getting their Clubcard bonuses

“If a customer does not receive their full allocation of points and discounts we can correct this.”

“My Clubcard on my Apple Pay says ‘not recognised’ and doesn’t seem to work on your tills. Newmarket Tesco refused to help me and I walked away with no points but luckily Ely kindly inputted my card number in so I wouldn’t miss out on offers,” said another customer.

The news comes as select Tesco stores around the country have been spotted checking customers’ receipts in an effort to reduce theft.


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