Tesco petrol pump hack stops you overspending and brings total to round number

A TikToker has wowed the internet with an apparently little-known petrol pump hack at Tesco that stops you overspending.

For many of drivers, there aren’t many more satisfying things in life then managing to get your petrol bill to a nice round number – mainly because it is so hard to do.

But one woman has now revealed that there is actually a very easy way to achieve it which could save you some pennies.

The social media user, known as Leafy Greens on TikTok, shared a video of her paying for petrol earlier this year and it has since been seen more than 100,000 times.

The hack allows you to never go over your desired petrol spend

In the clip, she presses the “pay at cashier” button on the screen before moving the camera to a section of the pump titled “How to use preset”.

After pressing the number 10 twice, the figure beside the “this sale” sign registers as £20.

When Leafy Greens then starts filling up the car, she says it “stops exactly” at the amount you have preset.

A man filling up his car with petrol
Viewers claimed the hack works at Sainsbury’s as well as Tesco

In the description, she suggested that only Tesco petrol stations have the facility but viewers also said you can use the preset meters at Sainsburys.

Many were stunned by the discovery, with one writing: “Did not know this.”

Others joked they prefer the “game” of trying to get the petrol to a nice and whole number without any preset figures.

“Nah, all us real ones live that risky lifestyle,” a second viewer commented.

A third added: “I prefer the game to be fair.”

While someone else questioned the amount of petrol the TikToker was putting in.

“Why don’t people just fill the tank?” they asked. “It’s not as if you’re going to stop driving it after you’ve used £20 worth of petrol.”

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