Tesco shoppers have less than two weeks to spend expiring Clubcard vouchers

Tesco customers have until the end of August to spend their Clubcard vouchers.

The coupons are due to expire in less than two weeks which will be the last day they can be used.

They were originally set to expire in February, but the supermarket giant extended it by six months due to coronavirus.

Typically Tesco Clubcard vouchers have a two-year expiry period.

And if you’re unsure when your coupon is valid, you can check in stores, so you don’t miss out on savings.

The supermarket’s loyalty scheme allows shoppers to earn points as they spend in stores.

Currently, customers can get one point for every £1 spent in-store and online or for every £2 spent on fuel.

You can collect points through Tesco Bank and Tesco Mobile too.

To get any voucher, you will need a minimum of 150 points worth £1.50 to spend in Tesco.

But if you save them up, 500 points would be worth £5.

Fortunately, Tesco isn’t the only place where you can spend Clubcard points.

You can swap them to use at Rewards Partner, where the value could be tripled when you go and use the points.

For example, 500 points could end up being worth £15.

Customers can use their points in Bella Italia, Cafe Rouge, Pizza Express, Zizzi, and even Prezzo.

Tesco Clubcard
There is a way of extending your vouchers too
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If you’re unsure how many points you have, you can log into the Tesco Clubcard website with your account details.

Then you can click on the “My Clubcard Account” and then “Vouchers,” where you’ll be able to see the vouchers you have.

You can turn your coupons into Faster Vouchers if you don’t want to spend them and they’ll last 21 months from the date converted.

The handy trick means you’ll be able to bag an extra 21 months out of them beyond the standard two-year expiry date.

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