Tesco workers to start checking customer receipts when they leave supermarket

A Tesco store has revealed it would be checking people’s receipt as they leave the store, it has been reported.

In a notice that was posted in a branch in Rotherham, customers were being advised about the new rule from today (October 12).

The note, which was posted on Facebook, said staff will be asking customers to produce their receipts when leaving the branch.

It added: “We know this may sound a little unusual, but we genuinely believe this is the right thing to do for our regular customers.

“The biggest thing people speak about is wanting to feel safer in the area and our store. We want this too!”

The note says staff are always looking for ways to make shopping trips simple, safe and pleasant, reports Examiner Live.

Customers will be told to show their receipts on the way out

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It is believed other Tesco stores have trialled this method and found success, with customers providing “positive feedback”.

The notice read: “They tell us the store feels safer, is a nicer place to be and the shopping experience is much improved.”

And it also said the Rotherham Central policing team are also supporting staff with this scheme.

The rule would come into place from October 12 as a specific and temporary measure for that store.

Rotherham Tesco's notice
The Tesco in Rotherham put up a notice telling customers know about the new scheme

It added: “Checking your receipt should only take a few seconds of your time and will never negatively impact a genuine customer.

“In fact, our hope is that it will give us the time to serve you and our community better.

“The Rotherham Central Policing team are also supporting us with this initiative.

“We want to say thank you in advance for the support and patience we know you will show.”

Tesco has told Daily Star: “We’re currently asking customers shopping at our Rotherham Extra Store to show their receipt to colleagues as they leave the store after some recent incidents of theft. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.”


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