Texas Educators Won’t Want To Miss This McDonald’s Breakfast Freebie

Teachers will have free rein to choose their favorite meal among the various breakfast combo options available. The McDonald’s website lists a well-stocked breakfast menu with plenty of items to pick from including different McMuffin, McGriddle, and biscuit fillings (sausage, bacon, egg, cheese), hot cakes, breakfast burritos, hash browns, and even a fruit oatmeal if teachers are looking for a wholesome option for the morning.

If you’re a teacher in the San Antonio area, what better way to start off the first day of classes than to make your way to the closest McDonald’s to be treated? You will be able to take a deep breath before another chaotic school year begins, and hopefully this feeling of appreciation will follow you throughout your day. From Happy Meals to teacher appreciation days with freebies, McDonald’s sure knows how to put a good spin on a fast food meal.

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