The 15 Best MCU Fight Scenes, From Thanos Battles to Shang-Chi Duels

5. Iron Man vs Captain America and Bucky — “Captain America: Civil War”

The Avengers were torn apart as Iron Man dueled Captain America.

Marvel Studios

At this point, this fight between Iron Man and Captain America was the most emotional and heart-breaking fight we’d seen in the MCU so far.

As Iron Man finds out the truth about Bucky killing his parents, he loses control and goes full pelt at the former Winter Soldier in a desperate attempt to get some revenge.

Cap tries to step in and protect Bucky, but Iron Man is too strong. He takes on both of them and more than holds his own. 

From the emotional soundtrack that hints at tragedy to iconic imagery plucked straight from the comics, to Robert Downey Jr’s exquisite acting, it all comes together to make a tragic conclusion to one of the MCU’s best movies.


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