The 8 most loved Bravo Housewives ranked in order

The eight most loved Bravo Housewives. Pic credit: Bravo

Bravo Housewives get their fair share of hate for showing off their extravagant lifestyle on TV, but there’s another side to the coin. The shopping sprees, designer duds and huge mansions can cause jealousy and criticism from trolls online, but these women get a lot of love from viewers as well.

Let’s just say, there are some Housewives that viewers hate, some they love to hate and some they absolutely love. Plus some of these dedicated fans will defend their faves to the bitter end, wrong or right.

We’ve rounded up Housewives from all the franchises that get the most love and support online. Some of the choices will no doubt be controversial but who doesn’t love controversy right?

Check out our list of the 8 most loved Bravo Housewives below and find out who takes the number one spot.

1.Porsha Williams: The Real Housewives of Atlanta

RHOA star Porsha Williams is among the most loved Bravo Housewives
Porsha Williams may have left RHOA but her fans have not left her. Pic credit: Bravo

There’s no other explanation for how Porsha snagged her former friend’s husband and got engaged to him in the span of a few months, and yet it hasn’t affected her reputation at all. That has to be love.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star got some backlash when news recently broke about her love triangle with Falynn Guobadia’s husband. However, after a week or two of some nasty comments, Porsha bounced right back.

These days, her businesses are booming. She’s coming out with a book, has a reality TV show with her family in the works, her hair extensions line is hotter than ever, and her sheets Pampered by Porsha are constantly selling out. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is.

Porsha has come a long way from when we first met her on the show. Initially, her underground railroad snafu had people pegging her as dumb, but she had the last laugh. After 10 years of being an Atlanta Housewife, she has made a complete turnaround and gained a legion of fans along the way.

The RHOA star is now the face and voice of activism in Atlanta and is also a dedicated mom and soon-to-be wife. She also has 6.6 million Instagram followers which is more than double the amount of any other Housewife on our list.

2.Teresa Giudice: The Real Housewives of New Jersey

RHONJ star Teresa Giudice is among the most loved Bravo Housewives
Teresa Giudice’s fans back her up no matter what. Pic credit: Bravo

Some people hate Teresa Giudice but it doesn’t matter because she has a dedicated legion of fans in her corner. For some people, this Real Housewives of New Jersey star can do no wrong and that table-flipping scene in Season 1 cemented her in the Housewives Hall of Fame for the most dramatic scene.

Teresa had to take a break from the show to do a stint in jail but when she returned the OG did not miss a beat. It seems her fans were just waiting for her to return and she picked right up where she left off.

Her life has also taken a drastic turn since we first saw her on the show and through the good and the bad, it has all played out in front of the cameras.

Maybe it’s her resilience with everything she’s gone through, or maybe people find her knack for mispronouncing words endearing, either way, whether Teresa is wrong or right, she gets unwavering support from fans. Think what you want but people love this OG.

3.Bethenny Frankel: The Real Housewives of New York City

RHONY alum Bethenny Frankel is among the most loved Bravo Housewives
Bethenny Frankel has a legion of RHONY fans behind her. Pic credit:Bravo

I already know that this is going to be a controversial pick for the favorite Housewives list, but it is what it is. The fact is, people love Bethenny Frankel! Yes, she gets her share of backlash with her rich people’s problems on social media but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have people in her corner.

The witty and outspoken OG was a much different woman when she joined the show in its first season. She turned her Housewives fame into somewhat of a rags-to-riches story — be it designer rags. The truth though is that Bethenny was the least successful cast member on the show during the early years and now she’s one of the riches Housewives in the entire franchise.

From the beginning, her blunt New York attitude was a refreshing change from the other women who were concerned about manners, appearances, and fitting in with the high society. Bethenny scoffed at her castmates’ pretentious behavior and it gained her a ton of fans who have remained dedicated despite her departure from the show.

WIth RHONY”s dwindling ratings and harsh reviews, viewers have been calling for Bethenny’s return, but with her focus on disaster relief through her BStrong Foundation, this OG has other important things on her plate.

4.NeNe Leakes: The Real Housewives of Atlanta

RHOA star NeNe Leakes is among the most loved Bravo Housewives
NeNe Leakes has a legion of RHOA fans behind her. Pic credit: Bravo

The real OG of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes certainly deserves her accolades as one of the most notable reality TV stars of her time. She knows how to bring the drama and since leaving the show viewers have been constantly calling for her return.

It’s highly doubtful that will ever happen since NeNe is embroiled in drama with Andy Cohen and some of the network execs but that hasn’t stopped people from bringing up her name whenever RHOA is mentioned. Plus, with the dismal season we just witnessed, many believe that she is the only one who can save the franchise.

NeNe’s outspoken attitude might rub some people the wrong way, but her fans have remained with her through thick and thin. Let’s not forget she gave us some epic one-liners and memorable moments that won’t soon be forgotten.

5.Lisa Vanderpump: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

RHOBH alum Lisa Vanderpump  is among the most loved Bravo Housewives
Lisa Vanderpump is one of the most beloved RHOBH alumni. Pic credit:Bravo

Maybe it’s the fancy British accent that captured the hearts of viewers or maybe it’s her love of animals, but one thing’s for sure, people love Lisa Vanderpump. She happens to be another alum who viewers want to return much like RHONY’s Bethenny Frankel and RHOA’ NeNe Leakes.

Lisa was known as the queen of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and when she left the show, some people voiced that no one else could take her place. The restauranteur certainly brought a level of grandeur to the show and people loved her British humor.

The former Bravo Housewife is still on TV on her own show, but some people are still crossing their fingers that she might one day make a return to RHOBH and take back her crown.

6.Karen Huger: The Real Housewives of Potomac

RHOP star Karen Huger s is among the most loved Bravo Housewives
Karen Huger has a legion of RHOP fans rooting for her. Pic credit: Bravo

The self-proclaimed Grande Dame wasn’t always the beloved Housewive that she is today, but Karen Huger has certainly grown on us over the years.

Initially, viewers saw right through The Real Housewife of Potomac star’s pretentious behavior –at one point she even called her husband the black Bill gates. That wasn’t the case since we soon found out that he owed over a million dollars to the IRS and didn’t have the money to pay it.

However, once Karen started being honest about her life, the tides turned and now she’s come a long way from her tax woes, crooked wigs, and her alleged fake homes.

These days the Grande Dame is the fan-favorite on the show and has viewers coming to her defense at every turn. Karen’s attitude has improved, her fashion has gotten an upgrade and she’s turned her popularity into a successful business and is continuing to grow her net worth. Not only is she the most loved Potomac star, she’s also the richest cast member, thanks to her fans.

7.Heather Gay: The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

RHOSLC star Heather Gay is among the most loved Bravo Housewives
Heather Gay has fan support on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Pic credit: Bravo

Heather Gay won the hearts of viewers during the franchise’s freshman season and so far her popularity is still growing. It could very well be her honesty that has been a refreshing change for viewers or it could be Heather’s sense of humor, either way, she already has a growing fan base.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star gained the respect of people around the world when she opened up out her former life as a Mormon wife. Heather’s most endearing qualities are her honesty and openness about her fears and her insecurities, which many people can relate to.

RHOSLC is only in its second season but already, Heather has become a favorite Housewife and even got a sweet DM from Rihanna. Hey, if Rihanna loves her, why wouldn’t we? The Barbadian beauty would never steer us wrong.

8.Tiffany Moon: The Real Housewives of Dallas

RHOD star Tiffany Moon is among the most loved Bravo Housewives
If Real Housewives of Dallas makes a return, RHOD fans want Tiffany Moon on it. Pic credit: Bravo

It’s a pity The Real Housewives of Dallas will no longer be on our screens because we would love to see more of the fabulous Tiffany Moon. The newbie came on the scene in her freshman season and won the hearts of many fans.

The same can’t be said for Tiffany’s castmates who seemed hell-bent on having an issue with the super-smart anesthesiologist. However, week after week they come for Tiffany, and viewers on had her back — not that Tiffany had any problem going toe to toe with her costars.

Tiffany made history as the first Asian-American housewife in the franchise but she also shared a lot of her culture, family life, and background with fans, which added an interesting dynamic to RHOD.

Sadly not even Tiffany could resuscitate the dwindling ratings and news recently broke that the franchise is now on hiatus — which most likely means it’s been canceled if we’re taking queues from what happened with Real Housewives of Miami.

There you have it, our list of the 8 most loved Housewives have been ranked and NeNe Leakes, Teresa Giudice, Porsha Wiliams, Heather Gay, Tiffany Moon, Karen Huger, Lisa Vanderpump, and Bethenny Frankel all made our list.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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