The AHS: Cult Relationship That Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

Season 7 of “American Horror Story,” known as “AHS: Cult,” follows the life of a Jill Stein-loving restaurateur named Ally Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson). In the first episode, the character’s mental health takes a decline because she is devastated that Donald Trump was elected into office. Ally’s numerous phobias, which cause her to have extreme panic attacks, begin to re-emerge after laying dormant for quite some time. She is then harassed by Kai Anderson’s (Evan Peters) murderous cult, who wear perforated clown masks, triggering both Ally’s coulrophobia and trypophobia. At first, her wife and business partner, Ivy (Alison Pill), attempts to convince her that the clown cult attacks are hallucinations. However, Ally soon discovers that Ivy is actually a cult member and was entranced by Kai because he could take control of her life. She also wanted to hurt Ally for many reasons, including the fact that she refused to support Hillary Clinton.

While Ally is shocked when she realizes her wife had betrayed her, some “AHS” fans believe that Ivy’s true intentions were obvious. For instance, the Reddit user kikifeliz, took to the “American Horror Story” subreddit to express their frustration with the relationship. Here’s why the relationship has fans scratching their heads.

One ‘AHS’ fan believed Ally should have suspected Ivy sooner

In the post, u/kikifeliz acknowledged that “Ally is just supposed to be like a weak character” and believes her wife has her best interests at heart. However, the Reddit user asserted that if they were in a similar situation, they “would have suspected Ivy” was up to no good much earlier than Ally did. The “AHS” fan cited the fact that Ally and Ivy’s son Oz (Cooper Dodson) had an issue with the gory comic book series, “Twisty: The Clown Chronicles.” In season 7, episode 1, Ally catches him reading the comic, which details a clown stabbing his victims. The clown imagery immediately causes her to be overwhelmed with anxiety. The Reddit user questioned why “Oz even have [sic] the clown comic in the first place” and insisted that “Ivy bought it for him,” even though she is aware that her wife is frightened by clowns. “If Ivy were really an understanding partner (no matter how ridiculous Ally’s phobia’s [sic] may have seemed) then she would have had Oz read it at the comic book store, not buy it and bring it home COMPLETELY SUSPICIOUS!!!!!! But instead of seeing that Ivy was enabling this situation, Ally was weak and blamed herself,” read a portion of the post.

Some commenters disagreed with the belief that Ally should have distrusted Ivy

A few Reddit users weighed in on the matter in the post’s comments section. One commenter seemed to agree with the notion Ally should have realized that her wife belonged to Kai’s cult sooner. The “AHS” fan pointed out that Ivy made the word “clowns” their family’s parental guidance password, which should have tipped Ally off.

“When I was watching when it aired I thought it was super sus [sic] that her password was [sic] clown,” wrote the commenter.

However, some “American Horror Story” fans insisted that it was believable Ally would not suspect that her wife would do anything malicious to her. For instance, the Reddit user Crymeabrooks noted that the characters had “been in a relationship for 15+ years.”

“It’s much easier to trust someone you’ve known [sic] for a long time, even if they’re not acting normal. It’s really not out of the realm of possibility that Oz borrowed the comic from someone at school. I wouldn’t immediately jump to the conclusion that my life partner gave it to me [sic] kid to send me over the edge, that’s insane,” explained the commenter.

Even though it took Ally some time to discover her wife’s terrible secret, she managed to come out of the experience relatively unscathed. After all, she made it out alive, which can’t be said for most “AHS” characters.

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