‘The Bachelor’ 2022 May Be Someone Bachelor Nation Has Yet To Meet

Rumors have been flying all over in Bachelor Nation about who the next lead for The Bachelor will be. ABC has yet to officially announce its 2022 renewal. However, production is moving full speed ahead with casting and preparing to film. Creators have assured fans it will most likely return for Season 26. Now, with all the rumors flying about who may be handing out the roses, a new theory has surfaced. It turns out Bachelor Nation may not have even met the new lead yet. Who is it?

 The Bachelor 2022

Hollywood Reporter is revealing new information that is very intriguing. Rumors have been flying around about which man should be the next Bachelor. Fans have been voiced their opinions with many wanting to see Michael Allio, Andrew Spencer or even Tyler Cameron as the new lead.

However, recently Reality Steve revealed that the show was leaning towards choosing Greg Grippo. This did not sit well with fans. Many believe Greg acted too immature during his time with Katie Thurston. In fact, many accused him of gaslighting and being on the show for the wrong reasons.

There were even reports that multiple women bailed on the opportunity to look for love thinking the lead was Greg. Now, according to new reports, the new lead may be none of these guys.

The Hollywood Reporter shared that the new chosen lead is actually someone who fans have not even been introduced to yet. The new lead is reportedly a man who will be making his debut on Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette. 

Who is it?

The identity of the new Bachelor is not known right now. Even Reality Steve is admitting this report is the first he’s heard of a different lead. He said he will keep fans informed of what he finds out.

According to reports, the new season of The Bachelor will start filming at the end of September. As usual, the show should premiere in January 2022.

This will be an interesting turn of events. Michelle’s season will not even premiere until October 19. The Bachelor will be announced long before that. In fact, filming will be halfway through before her season even debuts.

According to Reality Steve, Michelle will wrap filming for her season this weekend. There is no word about who her final two are. It is known that her overnight dates and final rose ceremony will film in Mexico.

What do you think about a guy being chosen fans have yet to meet?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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