The Bachelor Australia 2021: Face reading expert Marie Chandler on Harry, Meghan, ScoMo, Jenny, JLo, Ben, Karl and Jasmine

After assessing the final Bachelor contestants, a face-reading expert shares her insights into some of Australia’s most famous couples.

Face reading is a skill that if honed correctly, can allow you to look deeply into someone’s soul and connect with them on a level beyond who they present to the world – beyond their defence mechanisms – and see through the story they tell even themselves.

This is how face-reading expert Marie Chandler explains her unique line of work. The qualified master practitioner and teacher in face reading, psychosomatic therapy and neuro-linguistic programming recently appeared on the The Bachelor to offer insights into the compatibility of Jimmy Nicholson and the final women.

“Face reading is all about helping people discover themselves, nurture their shadow selves beyond shame and guilt to align and integrate the two selves that reside within so that they become whole,” Chandler says.

“The skeletal structure of the face shows the blueprint of the soul and the flesh shows the response to the environment as experiences that shape our world. The body is reflected in the face and each feature shows your individual characteristics.

“When I am reading somebody, it is about connection as that is all anybody really wants – connecting with another and connection with self and the opportunity to be seen for who they truly feel they are deeply within themselves.

“You can see the embodied emotions of what you are still holding on to from the past – hence your biography is written all over your face.”

Ahead of Thursday’s Bachelor finale – where we will see how Nicholson used Chandler’s expert advice – we asked her to offer insight into some famous couples.


Harry’s hairline has a very distinctive rounded widow’s peak. This split between his mental and emotional sides means that he can emotionally feel one way about a situation and then logically determine an outcome that he desires however that may not result in the same thing.

He has an inner conflict to determine which to go with and needs to learn to integrate his thoughts and emotions to find that inner peace that he so deeply desires.

Harry has great width in this features and is a humanitarian at heart and his wide jaw provides him with the stamina to get things done.

They bond over some deep emotional hurts, as can be seen by the excess tissue under their eyes, and are a source of strength for one another. As they both share such strong defined noses they are comfortable in their identity.

Meghan has some deep success lines in the physical part of her face and the base of her nose shows her diplomacy of speech as she thinks before she speaks and chooses her words very carefully. Meghan’s sensitivity needs the reassurance that Harry holds so strongly.


Jasmine Stefanovic’s super femininity, as seen by the curvature in her face, balances nicely with her husband Karl’s strong square features.

Her two major zones (mind and emotions) balance nicely with his (mind and physical), which means they both come at problems from different spaces – his structured approach to problem solving matched with her creative ideas – and as she brings her heart and soul into a project, he can help bring it to fruition and manage the practical aspects, balanced nicely with her sensitivity as seen in their chins and lower part of their face.

They both have strong noses and get straight to the point and are happy for each other to share the limelight.

Karl says what he thinks and may sometimes act before he thinks and overall has a beautiful heart and soul. He cares deeply for the people in his life. Jasmine’s open eyes (heart) draw Karl out of his frenetic focus so that balances and soothes the relationship.


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck both have brilliant minds where he can bring more structure to her creative ideas, as you can see from their differing foreheads.

She offers a lot of nurturing for him, as is visible in her wide open eyes and sensitive, yet well rounded chin, as he can be quite hard on himself – his upper eyelids cover his eyes so his thoughts weigh deeply in his heart space.

JLo freely expresses whereas sometimes Ben can hold back, as seen with their mouths. He is a great listener as can be seen with his ears in both his mental and physical zones and a very deep thinker. As he learns to share his deep innermost thoughts they connect and share a deep bond.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his wife Jenny both have high ideals, as can been seen by the height of their faces.

They have strong lines which means they live by their own rules and can have a structured approach to life. The PM’s emotional zone is very small and he is practical in his thinking, while Jenny balances him with her full cheeks as she is very nurturing. She is a strong, independent lady and can hold her own in the relationship.

Jenny is very trustworthy and can put her thoughts into action easily. Her considered heart and his intense intellect maintain their balance.

The Bachelor Australia finale, Thursday 7.30pm on 10

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