The Best Exercises For When You Feel Angry

The goal of exercise isn’t to completely get rid of your anger. After all, anger is a healthy and valid emotion. However, exercise can be used to channel or manage your anger and one of the best ways to do that is by engaging in cardio aerobic workouts, like boxing (via Verywell Fit). Boxing is a full-body workout that gets your heart pumping and increases your sweat production. It also requires your full focus and attention, which can help take your mind off things. You can either channel your anger with at-home boxing workouts by purchasing your own equipment, or by going to a boxing studio or gym.

Jumping rope is another great way to blow off steam. As a high-intensity workout, jumping rope can increase your heart rate and help you burn quite a few calories. It also requires your complete attention, which can help distract you from your anger and any other emotions you may be feeling at the time. Since it only requires one piece of equipment, jumping rope is a fairly affordable and accessible workout to do. You can find plenty of inexpensive jump ropes that are around $15 or less. Other workouts that can help with anger management include circuit training, yoga, tai chi, walking, hiking, and meditating.


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