The Best Nostalgic Halloween Specials

“SpongeBob Squarepants” has been dominating the airwaves since the late ’90s, capturing the hearts of children and adults alike. In its very first season, it also delivered a delightful double-header of a Halloween special. Fans received a pair of eleven minute episodes, put together with both showcasing spooky tales concerning their favorite pineapple-dwelling yellow sponge.

First there’s “Scaredy Pants,” where SpongeBob finally looks to shed his status as Bikini Bottom’s resident scaredy cat. Dressed as dreaded undersea legend the Flying Dutchman, SpongeBob looks to spook the attendees at the Krusty Krab Halloween party. Things get a bit more complicated, however, when the actual Flying Dutchman shows up to menace the party.

In “I Was A Teenage Gary,” Squidward’s pet-sitting negligence leads to Gary becoming ill. This results in a visit from the snail doctor, who provides a dose of snail plasma to be administered to Gary. However, SpongeBob accidentally receives the dose and slowly begins taking on snail-like qualities himself. Oh, the horror!

This results in a welcome dose of nightmare fuel, as SpongeBob slowly transforms into a snail. Either episode taken alone is absolutely delightful; together, they serve as cartoon classics and solid Halloween viewing for the whole family.


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