The Best Time Charlize Theron Ever Broke Character In A Million Ways To Die In The West

It’s understandable that with Seth MacFarlane as your co-star, busting a gut from laughing too hard is expected. For Charlize Theron, that certainly was the case in one of the film’s scenes involving a pot cookie. While Albert and Anna are sitting on a large tree branch looking out at the vastness of the valley and mountains waiting for the sun to set, Anna offers Albert to try a bite of a cookie. He becomes suspicious and immediately affirms that it’s a pot cookie. After a few moments of sweet and silly banter between the two characters, MacFarlane takes a tiny bite and is then encouraged to take a bigger one. Theron begins laughing and can’t contain herself.

The chemistry between MacFarlane and Theron is incredibly natural. When a prairie dog pops up from the ground, Albert (clearly high) becomes frightened, thinking that it’s going to read his mind. Theron breaks out in genuine laughter and MacFarlane goes with it. Even though the film wasn’t a success critically, this improvised scene is moviemaking magic at its most heartwarming and earnest. 


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