The Biggest NY Laws To Look for in 2022

The state of New York is set for some big changes in 2022 and these could have a massive impact on the state’s citizens. From the BetMGM launch in New York to big stadiums, minimum wage increases, and more, it’s going to be a busy year for The Empire State.

A New Bills Stadium

New York has welcomed some huge sporting and gaming changes over the last few years. In 2022, sports betting will become legal across the state and not just in Native American casinos.

That’s great news for the state’s top sports teams. Not only can they profit from endorsements, but it creates more of a buzz around the Empire State’s leading franchises.

It’s even better news for the Bills, which could be given a new stadium this year. There is $200 billion worth of federal and state funding at stake and a new Bills stadium could secure a chunk of that.

The Bills’ current lease will expire in 2023 and in 2021, they submitted a proposal for a $1.4 billion stadium in Orchard Park. 

An Increase in Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is increasing all over the country. In California, it’ll hit $15 an hour in 2022 and New York is following suit. The state minimum wage will be increased to $13.20 per hour while in Westchester and Long Island it will match the $15 paid in California.

The increased minimum wage will support the state’s lowest earners and could have a knock-on effect that helps to drag them out of the financial despair caused by the pandemic.

Affordable Housing

The pandemic left a lot of renters struggling to pay their bills, and for a short time, the state was more than happy to help. That could be set to change, though.

There are debates about moratoriums on tenant evictions and officials are asking for additional funds to help cover rents that are in arrears. Whatever happens, it’s likely that the authorities will push forward methods designed to help renters and homeowners in the long term, including discussions about a right to counsel for all tenants.

Styrofoam is Banned

Styrofoam is a common feature in the streets of cities throughout the United States, but this takeout staple is set to be removed from the menu in New York.

Restaurants and stores in the state will be banned from giving out any Styrofoam product designed to temporarily store food or drink, greatly cutting down on the use and production of this harmful material. It’s a drop in the ocean as far as fixing the climate crisis is concerned, but it’s a start, and we should see many similar changes taking place in the coming years.

Home Insurance Changes

If you own a pit bull, German Shepherd, or another dog known to be aggressive, 2022 could get a little cheaper for you. A new law will prevent home insurance companies from charging customers extra when they own these breeds.

The savings won’t be huge, but every little helps!

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