The Bizarre Book Written By The Son Of Sam

However, while the Son of Sam law exists to prevent criminals from profiting off their heinous crimes, that doesn’t stop them from writing and publishing books about their experiences. In fact, David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam himself for which the law is named, even wrote and published a book from prison in 2006, according to Listverse. But while one might expect a book written by a notorious serial killer to be somewhat gruesome, it was neither a grisly confessional nor a roundabout way for Berkowitz to garner more attention for the awful acts he committed during the summer of 1977. In fact, it was the opposite.

Entitled “Son of Hope,” the book was a collection of Berkowitz’s prison journals, which chronicle his journey from murderer to devout follower of Christianity. In his journals, Berkowitz recounts how he came to embrace Jesus Christ as his savior and was reborn as a Christian (via Amazon). Although the book doesn’t necessarily address his criminal acts, Berkowitz still never made any money off the book’s sales. A portion of all the proceeds is instead given to benefit Berkowitz’s victims.


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