The ‘Candyman’ Post-Credits Scene Explained — Does the Story End?

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Candyman (2021).

There are a slew of reasons why movie buffs prefer for producers to stay away from the classics. Some reboots can turn out so horrible that it ruins the reputation of the original, while other films are so good, a reboot is simply not needed. But, in the case of Candyman, the story is too intriguing not to introduce to audiences again.

The 2021 reboot of Candyman — which follows the story of an artist named Anthony McCoy (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), who becomes obsessed with the Candyman legend — has officially been released, and horror-movie lovers have flocked to theaters to see if the magic is still there. Although the film has received rave reviews on social media, the post-credits scene has left many viewers confused and in shock. So, it’s only right we give you a proper breakdown of Candyman’s credit sequence.

The ‘Candyman’ ending explains that the tale of the hook-wearing murderer will never end.

While many horror movies have a live-action post-credit scene, Candyman has taken a different approach, as Newsweek explains. The film is filled with animated scenes that use puppets to aid in telling the story. And as the final sequence begins, the puppets return.

The final scene shows that Candyman is not just the one man whom fans are already familiar with. Candyman is a “hive” that includes five characters. And the ending scene introduces viewers to each one.

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The first is a 19-century painter named Daniel Robitaille who fell in love with one of his subjects, a white woman. Unfortunately, he met his demise as his love’s father cut off his hands and threw a hive of bees at him.

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The next member of the hive is a young boy who was wrongfully accused of assaulting a woman. He was later thrown in prison.

Sherman Fields also takes on the role of Candyman. After being accused of putting razor blades into candy that he gave out to children, he is brutally murdered by the police. However, weeks later it’s discovered that Sherman was innocent all along.

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Helen Lyle from the original 1992 movie also comes to light as a member of the Candyman hive. After researching Candyman and his antics, she later falls under his spell and finds herself accused of murder. Helen ends up shaking the spell and saves baby Anthony, even though she later passes.

Lastly, the story of the reboot’s main character Anthony is briefly reintroduced: Anthony became obsessed with the Candyman legend and found multiple people dying around him. He was accused of the crimes although he was innocent.

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Source: Universal Pictures

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