‘The Castle:’ Where Is The Cast Of The Aussie Series These Days?

“The Castle” is a 1997 Australian comedy-drama series centered on the ‘Melbourne family,’ and it starred some incredible actors like Stephen Curry, Michael Caton, Anne Tenney and so on.

The series which premiered over two decades ago, won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide, and paved a way in the Australian movie industry history. Aside from the beautiful storyline that that series depicted, the main cast was also a crucial part of the show’s success because without their formidable acting skills, this show would not have gained so much popularity in America and Australia.

After the series filmed its last episode, these iconic stars moved on to more incredible goals and projects in their lives and profession. While some continued in the movie path, others found love in other things.

Now, this begs the question; where is the cast of this amazing comedy series now, and how has their lives been since they wrapped up filming on May 16, 2016. Keep scrolling below for more information.

Michael Caton

This 78-year-old actor, who was in his mid 40s at the time he started filming on “The Castle,” played the role of Darryl Kerrigan, a man who was forced to defend his home at all cost when property developers tried to get rid of it in the hopes of turning its environs into an airport.

Other film credits associated with Caton include; “The Sullivans,” “Five Mile Creek,” “Packed to the Rafters,” and so on. After concluding his role as the Kerrigan family patriarch, Caton continued appearing in some blockbuster and low-budget movies over the years.

In 2020, he played the role of Les in the Australian comedy drama titled “Rams,” and has racked up support from fans in the country and overseas. Although Caton is 78 years old, he does not seem like he’s about to slow his roll in the acting world.

Eric Bana

Eric Bana is a popular Australian actor and comedian, who came into the spotlight by featuring in sketch comedy series, until he was given the role of Con Petropoulous in “The Castle.”

This role set his acting career on a skyrocketing path, as he landed other incredible roles after the series wrapped up filming. Known for his eye-catching Aussie look, Bana became the ladies man in no time, and that kept fans glued to their screens as long as they could watch him do his thing.

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The actor received recognition for his role in “Chopper,” as well as “Black Hawk Dawn.” In 2003, he was was cast as the titled character in “Hulk,” and the rest is history.

In Australia, Bana has received several accolades for his acting skills and roles in blockbuster movies, which contributed to his present net worth of $45 million. His recent acting project is a a 2021 mystery drama titled “The Dry,” a movie based on a Jane Harper novel.

Anne Tenney

Anne Tenney played the role of Sal Kerrigan, the lovely wife of Darryl Kerrigan in “The Castle,” and this role made her popularly known as a craft queen and incredible cook.

Tenney continued in her career prowess after leaving the series with roles in movies such as; “Water Rats,” “All Saints,” and “A Country Practice,” where she met and married the love of her life and co-star, Shane Withington.

At 67 years old, Tenney is not slowing down in her acting profession, as she still has so much in her to give to the world and the coming generation of actors. Alongside former co-star, Michael Caton, the actress will star in an upcoming Australian family-centered comedy series titled “Back to the Rafters.”

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry acted as Dale Kerrigan, the youngest son of the Kerrigan family in “The Castle.” After portraying an incredible skillset throughout the series, he landed more challenging and mind-blowing roles in movies like “The Nugget,” “The Secret Life Of Us,” and “The Wog Boy.”

At 45 years old, Curry has become a force to be reckoned with in the movie and comedy industry respectively. He spent his time appearing in comedy shows and series, as well as feature films which intensified his support amongst Australian fans.

Although the actor has proved himself in the industries he’s been part of for over a decade, it’s evident that he intends to do more for himself in relation to his career as an actor and a comedian. He is married to his girlfriend of ten years, Naadein Crowe, and together, they share two kids.

Sophie Lee

Sophie Lee was born in Newcastle, South Wales, on August 7, 1968, and she is a known Australian film and stage actress. She started off as a model, landing jobs in both Australia and Japan, and proceeded to begin her acting career in 1988.

It was not until 1990 that she rose to fame after hosting “The Bugs Bunny” Australian television show. The following year, out of 150 candidates who auditioned for the role of Penny Wellings in “The Flying Doctors,” executive producer, David Lyle singled Lee out to take up the role.

Prior to her role on “The Castle,” Lee was already a well known actress, and her presence in the iconic series made her popularity soar higher. Lee played the role of Tracey Kerrigan in the series.

In the late 2000s, Lee announced that she was going to branch into writing as a full-fledged career, leaving the acting world for good. In 2007, she released her first book titled “Alice in La La Land.” Similarly, in 2009, the former actress published the first part of her children’s book titled Edie Amelia and The Monkey Shoe Mystery.”

The next part of the book series is titled “Edie Amelia and The Runcible River Fever.” According to Pan Macmillan, these books are for 7+ year olds.

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