‘The Circle’ Season 3 — Release Date, Filming Location, and More

Back when Season 1 of Netflix’s The Circle first came out in January of 2020, we all binge-watched the entire thing with an unmistakable level of naïveté. These people are locked in their rooms, separated from everyone they know and love, and can only communicate via social media updates? How quaint! Little did we know that many of us would soon be thrust into a similar (albeit way, way worse) situation in just a few short months.

By the time Season 2 rolled around, we were all very used to being stuck in our homes, and we had a new layer of empathy for the members of the Circle. When Jack (who played as “Emily”) betrayed himself by not knowing a single thing about makeup, we felt that! Some of us hadn’t worn makeup for more than a year at that point! Anyway, people now want to know: What’s the release date for Season 3 of The Circle? Luckily, we have an answer!

What is the release date for ‘The Circle’ Season 3?

We’ve known that there would be a Season 3 of The Circle for a while now (although, truly, what is time anymore?). Both Season 2 and Season 3 were announced back in March of 2020 and were filmed shortly after that. In fact, on Aug. 9, 2021, Netflix announced that there would also be a Season 4 and a Season 5! It’ll still be a while before we can watch those, but Season 3 is literally right around the corner.

On Aug. 19, 2021, Netflix revealed the official release date for The Circle Season 3 is Sept. 8, 2021. That’s when the first chunk of episodes will drop — as in previous seasons, Season 3 will be split up over the course of four weeks, with new eps dropping on Sept. 15 and Sept. 22. The season will then conclude with a finale episode on Sept. 29. In other words, we’re headed for a great month that we’re calling “The Circle September.”

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Just like Seasons 1 and 2, The Circle Season 3 will feature eight new contestants (at least to start) who enter the Circle — a social media platform/cluster of apartments located in the U.K. Contestants can choose to either play as themselves or pretend to be someone else and function as a catfish within the Circle. Throughout the season, Circle members can communicate with each other exclusively via text-only Circle Messages, but that doesn’t keep them from flirting, feuding, and forming alliances.

Source: Netflix

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Last season introduced the concept of The Joker — an anonymous profile that could be used to make a first impression on players who were brand-new to the Circle. We don’t know if The Joker twist will be featured in Season 3, but we’re sure producers have something up their sleeves … maybe even a fourth member of the Eason family? So far, we’ve met Ed and his mom Tammy in Season 1, and his brother Mitchell in Season 2 — there’s gotta be, like, an Eason cousin in Season 3, right?

Season 3 will also be narrated by all-time great Michelle Buteau — hooray! September may be right around the corner, but we’re already so excited for the very first “Alert!” For now, we’ll just have to wait until Sept. 8, 2021, to start binge-watching the new season. Until then, there’s always time to rewatch Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix (as well as the international versions!).

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