The Circle US renewed by Netflix through season 5 amidst casting call

The CircleIt’s pretty clear at this point that Netflix is loving what they have in The Circle US — how else do you explain the latest news?

Today, the streaming service confirmed that not only are they casting for new episodes of the reality show, but they’ve renewed it all the way through season 5! The Circle already had a season 3 renewal, but this is tacking two more batches of episodes onto the end of it.

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So why is Netflix making such a big commitment to this show in advance? It’s likely due in part to their desire to make a real brand out of reality TV. This is a genre that a lot of streaming services are still struggling to figure out. It’s so huge for network TV, so there is clearly an enormous piece of the pie well worth snatching up here.

Another factor that likely comes into play here is cost — namely, a show like The Circle is probably pretty cost-effective for them to get out there. The location is already built, so with that the only things that are required is to just figure out the casting, pay the host and the crew, and then make sure all of the challenges and technology are properly put together. It’s a pretty simple show by nature, and really most of the creativity is dictated by the players themselves. If you are a reality TV producer, isn’t this more or less a dream come true?

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