The Complete ‘Q-Force’ Character and Cast List

As Agent Mary’s boyfriend, Benji isn’t part of the Q-Force. He does, however, often find himself in imminent danger. And their relationship serves as a b-plot at times.

Gabe Liedman, known as a writer for shows like Pen15 and Broad City, voices Benji. He’s also one of the Q-Force writers, along with Sean Hayes and The Office‘s Michael Schur.

That’s right — as if you needed another reason to watch Q-Force, the genius behind the U.S. version of The Office is also involved in it.

So pull on your best undies over tights and get ready to save the world with the rest of the crew. Or, you know, just watch it from home like a normal person. But you get it. The star-studded cast is kind of hard to ignore.

Q-Force is now streaming on Netflix.

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