The daily commute is good for mind and body

The daily commute is good for the mind and waistline, a new study has revealed.

Train Times

Research has found that travelling to and from work every day has a positive impact on a person’s mental health and can help keep off the pounds.

Neuroscientists at University College London explained that physically going into the office is good for wellbeing as it allows employees to separate their work and home lives, with human interaction playing a key role.

The commute also prevents people from being tempted by unhealthy food in the fridge when at home, with half of the 3,000 people surveyed adding that being in the office put them in a better mindset for work.

The study’s lead author Joseph Devlin, professor of brain sciences at UCL, told The Times newspaper: “The commute delineates boundaries between home and work life and can be used to switch one off and transition to the other, which can have a positive impact on cognitive performance, wellbeing and productivity.

“Just going to work generates more diverse experiences than working from home, especially through interactions with other people.”


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