The D’Amelio Show called out by paparazzi for portrayal in new episode

Paparazzi channel Pap Galore has called out the producers of The D’Amelio Show on Hulu for trying to portray him as “the bad guy,” but has apologized to the family themselves for his initial comments.

On September 3, the D’Amelio family’s long-anticipated reality show finally started streaming on Hulu, giving fans the chance to get a glimpse into what Charli and Dixie’s lives are really like behind the scenes.

The show has already been giving viewers a raw glimpse into the young TikTok stars’ lives, showing both girls breaking down into tears as a result of the immense amount of hate they get online.


TikTok: Dixie’Damelio / D’Amelio Show

The show is giving fans a look at the reality of being such a well-known online personality.

The episode also shows Charli becoming increasingly anxious as a result of the presence of the paparazzi.

However, paparazzi channel Pap Galore, who featured in the show, weren’t happy with their portrayal and quickly vented their frustrations on social media.

“F**k the D’Amelio show, that’s all I have to say,” he wrote in one comment, another saying “and f**k that fake being nice sh*t when you see me in person.” However, he then went onto clarify, “this isn’t about the D’Amelios, this is about the producers. I’m sorry I overreacted.”

Shortly after, he uploaded a post to Instagram in which he apologized to the family for the way he responded.

“I would like to apologize to the D’Amelios for some of the comments that I made earlier today,” he wrote. “I woke up this morning frustrated because everyone was sending me videos about Charli having a mental breakdown from the show and me being partly the cause of it.”

“I overreacted because it looked like the show was trying to portray me as the bad guy causing her to have mental breakdowns when that’s the last thing I would want to do,” Pap Galore added. “I’ve been always nice to the family and tried to respect their privacy as much as I could even though IK (I know) that may sound like an oxymoron coming from a paparazzi.”

He then went on to claim that his agreement with the producers differed to what actually appeared in the show. “I never wanted to be on the show but the producers told me they were just going to use my questions and videos for the show so when I watched that part and saw that I was frustrated because that’s not what the agreement was.”

Charli and Dixie have called out paparazzi in the past for waiting outside their house, with Charli describing it as “super weird” and a “big invasion of privacy.”

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