The ‘Dinner in America’ Trailer and Release Date: What to Know

If you consider yourself a movie buff, chances are, you’re familiar with projects that are featured at the Sundance Film Festival. Some of these indie films are able to transition from a festival success to a box-office hit. From Napoleon Dynamite to Precious, the possibilities are truly endless. And now, it looks like Dinner in America may be the next film to see breakout success.

Dinner in America tells the story of a super-aggressive punk rocker who flees town after committing arson, but ends up finding an unexpected ally. It bridges the gap between romance, friendship, and violence, all with a comedic spin. And as we take a look at the film’s trailer, it’s time to take a deep dive into what’s to come.

The ‘Dinner in America’ trailer focuses on an aggro punk rocker’s unlikely journey to friendship and love.

As the Dinner in America trailer starts, viewers see Simon (Kyle Gallner) have a romantic rendezvous with a woman (Lea Thompson). As her children and family catch Simon and the woman in the act, she claims that he was taking advantage of her.

The woman’s husband — and the rest of her family — proceed to attack Simon. He gets away, but not before setting fire to their home.

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As police are on the hunt for Simon, he comes across an unlikely ally — the socially awkward Patty (Emily Skeggs).

Patty has a deep affinity for punk rock music, and after asking her parents to attend a concert, she’s shut down. In turn, she throws a temper tantrum by screaming at the dinner table.

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As the trailer continues, Simon storms into a restaurant and confronts a group of guys — presumably his friends — while holding a “Wanted” poster that contains his picture with an award.

Dinner in America

Source: Arrow Video

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The police start to close in on Simon, but Patty comes in clutch to give him a place to lie low. Through their time together, the pair embark on various misadventures — from Patty setting up guys to get beat up to Simon helping her get her last check from her employer.

Over time, Patty and Simon realize how much they have in common, along with Patty becoming more comfortable within herself.

“Do you think I’m weird,” Patty asks Simon.

“Oh yeah, I think you’re f—ing weird,” Simon tells Patty.

“Well, is weird cool?” Patty asks Simon.

“In your case, no,” Simon responds.

Dinner in America tells the story of how important it is to be yourself and find your voice.

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