The Easiest Trick To Conquering Out Grown Acrylic Nails

Image if outgrown acrylic nails.

The never ending challenge of acrylics is that they grow out. That perfect manicure only lasts so long and leaves a not-so-perfect gap at the base of the nail.

However, folks have come up with some pretty creative ways to solve this problem without having to return to the nail salon or remove the acrylics. 

The Trick For Grown Out Nails

This hack was posted recently by @rose.friederike, a beauty influencer. But it was also reposted on @makeupchillz (‘cause it’s just too good not to be shared).

As you can see in the video, the grown out nails have that undesired bottom gap. But a brilliant use of some glitter nail polish serves as a solution. 

To replicate the hack, just goop on a bit of glitter nail polish onto the bottom gap. Then, take a brush and blend the glitter polish up onto the acrylic. It’ll create a lovely, ombre effect that’ll make your acrylic manicure last that much longer.

Why hadn’t we thought of this before?? 

Olivia Smalley, another influencer, shared this grown-out nail hack on her profile as well.

Smalley simply adds some gold glitter nail polish to the base of her grown-out nails and voila. Her nails are like new. 

If you’re interested in trying out this hack, we listed some of our favorite flitter polishes below.

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